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Towels – Microfiber – Black

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We highly recommend using Microfiber towels. Microfiber towels are friction free and are not harsh on your own natural hair, or your extended hair. Unlike other types of towels, they will actually make your hair more smooth. These towels are great for your skin, so go ahead and use it for your total body!


  • Soft & Absorbent
  • Compared to cotton, it will soak up more than double the amount of water
  • Bleach safe & fade resistant
  • Lint free & snag-free
  • Benzoyl Peroxide Proof
  • 88% Polyester, 12% Polyamide
  • 16” X 31½”


Only offered in color: Black



When towel drying, gently squeeze out excess water and blot with the Microfiber towel. If needed, you can wrap the towel around your head. However, do not rub or turn your head upside down to roll your hair in the towel – these are “no no’s” for the well-being of your hair.

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