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We Put Stylists and Salons in the Limelight

This site is for you and about you!​

The essential purpose of this site is to make your life simpler when ordering and receiving products.

We also want to be your “go to place” for placing your orders. We believe that if you want information regarding yourself, “to out there” as a salon owner, you as a stylist, or you as a customer, there are sections included on this site to put you in that “Limelight”!

We would be thrilled to showcase your work, your salon, you yourself, or your client, wearing our hair and hair products.

stylist with curly hair

There will always be new ways, new methods, and new ideas - we can all learn from one another!

If you have feedback or anything that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you and “get it out there!”

Shortly thereafter, Mette decided to open World Hair Institute servicing hair extensions and hair replacement clients only – a gem in the heart of downtown Chicago.

By merging these two worlds together, Mette and her highly skilled staff of stylists have been able to share our “hands on approach”, and our professional knowledge and experience, to you our customer. We have and will always support and assist you with any hair related needs that you may encounter.

We want to assure you that we are your extended service provider. If you receive a product that doesn’t measure up to what it reasonably should, and you need to exchange a product, we stand behind it. Need help ordering? We offer you the choice of borrowing our color rings to make a better color selection. We have made exchanging products very simple for you. There is NO restocking fee, as long as our exchange policy is kept. Additionally, if you should receive a “bad batch” of hair, again, as long as our exchange policy is kept, we will work with you and rectify the situation. If you need assistance choosing colors or hair textures you may email or text a photo of your client, yourself, or set up facetime with us. In the event that you need help finding what you require, we will do our best to guide you through – we are only a phone call, email, or text away!

stylists working with hair extensions

“Only The Best Is Good Enough”, will always be our motto!

We can’t say it enough: You as our customer, as salon owner, stylist; you and your clients; deserve only the very best. Check out our pretty awesome return & exchange policy, our shipping options are extended, and we offer Free shipping, several options of Saturday delivery if available to your area, secure insured shipping, real time tracking, Self service portal for free return & Easy exchange – and at the same time we all save paper waste.

Take a tour of the site, hopefully you will see that this site is made with you in mind.

Please don’t hesitate to call, email or text us, with your needs in the world of hair!

On behalf of the team at World Hair System, we wish you the best of hair days, always!


stylist working with hair extensions