When purchasing an item on backorder, please allow 2-3 additional business days after we receive your order for your items to be shipped out.

Shipping Hours: 10AM – 4PM CST

Return & Exchange & Refund FAQs

Our policies are based on a balance between being as reasonable as possible to you, our customers, and the fact that most of our products are categorized under ‘Hygienic Goods.’

This means we take safety measures for you and your clients extremely serious – Keep in mind that you might be the person who needs to return a product with one scenario. In contrast, with another scenario, you might be the person who would be on the receiving end of a prior returned item. Without a doubt, you would want your products delivered as new and unaltered products – we feel confident that you fully agree!

It has been mentioned that we have a great and fair Return & Exchange & Refund Policy. We are hopeful that you agree! 

We only offer full refunds for products if we are out of stock of an item and we can’t find a reasonable substitute for you.

Anyone can make a mistake with the choice of color, texture, or length of hair. As a stylist, it can happen to any of us, or as a customer, you thought the product would be different than what it is. So yes, we accept exchanges.

Also, we do not believe in restocking fees when it comes to exchanges. So as long as our policies are kept, no fees will be applied when you make an exchange with us! You can also exchange tools and accessories without paying restocking fees. As long as the product that you returned is unaltered with the packaging and all tags intact, how you received it, we will accept your exchange.

World Hair System makes returning or exchanging purchases simple, easy, and convenient. If you need to return or exchange an item, request a Return Authorization #. Please contact us to receive this by emailing us at info@worldhairsystem.com, or call or text us and shortly explain why you need to exchange a product.

We offer exchanges on WHS purchases if we receive the returned goods within 15 business days/three weeks of reception. You have two options a) you can contact us to receive an RA# to write in the Return Form and outside the Return package. We might refuse packages without an RA# and might be returned to you at your cost. b) you can use our great option of “Return & Easy exchange” You will find it on the site. Simply click to get guided, and you will be able to print a free return shipping label for your item/items.

Once received by us, we will contact you to let you know that your return is received, but it can take us some days to process and review the returned goods. If everything is found in order as described in our Exchange policy, we will contact you to inform you that a new package will be shipped. You would pay the cost of shipping. Suppose you choose the “Free return & Easy exchange” option. In that case, the amount you have agreed to by selecting this option will be deducted from your Cc and shipped accordingly.

If the product chosen costs more, you will need to indicate what Credit Card to use on the Exchange Form. If the item selected in exchange costs less, you will receive a Credit in your Virtual Wallet.

The credit will be issued in your virtual Wallet in your account to be used when you please.

If the product is not found eligible for an exchange – as described in our Exchange policy – you will be contacted per text, email or phone. If at all possible, there might be a repacking fee that you would have to pay. Suppose this option is not available, for instance. In that case, there might be too many missing packing items, or that it is taken too much apart, a final vote is for you to get the goods returned to you. You would pay the cost of shipping.

Suppose you have not given us your decision or paid for the shipping within 21 business days. In that case, we will forward the goods to charity at our discretion – for instance, the hair will be shipped for making wigs for teens and kids.

Fill out our Exchange form, and the process is simple as mailing the items back to us.

Note: If you are to return an item using another currier than ours, please use a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. This way, you will be sure that we will receive your return package.

This all might sound a bit strict, but do remember that most of our products and the hair are Hygienic Goods and a personal care product regulated by the federal government. Hence, our guidelines for exchange are to be fully kept. Your return should be in a condition that we could ship it to you as a new untampered product.

Tips: When you receive your order, make sure that the kind of weft, tip, color, texture, and length is correct before you open or remove the packaging.

Yes, there are some exceptions. Custom and handmade products can not be returned. Additionally, items that are not in their original condition, hair that has been worn, colored, smudged, or in any way altered or used products can not be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

Gift cards are the only items that are fully ineligible for refund, exchange, or cash redemption. Please contact us for any details if you are unsure.

If you followed the guidelines under “What do you suggest that I do when I first receive my order of hair?” It should not be a problem. If the hair is altered: chemically colored, lifted, root smudged, permed, or in any way chemically processed, we cannot accept it as a return. However, feel free to contact us, and we will do what we possibly can to help you out!

We understand that you or your client is wearing the hair and does not want to ‘go’ without it. For that reason, if you inform us that the hair has not been processed, we will make a ‘hold’ on your Cc for the amount of the return, including the shipping cost. This ‘hold’ will last until we have the full acceptable batch returned, reviewed, and entirely accepted.

We will ship you a new package of the same product: length, color, weft, etc. If, for some reason, we are on backorder with the specific product, we will contact you to discuss what would be an acceptable exchange and ship this to you instead. We will attempt to match the shipping that was chosen when you made the order free of charge.

Once you have received the new hair, please exchange the new hair immediately with the bad batch. We will have to receive the bad batch of hair from you no more than ten business days after receiving the new package of hair. If this is not possible for some reason, you will have to let us know before shipping the new hair to you. Ship back all the hair removed along with all new hair so that you return a full package of hair to us. Include all the packaging and tags. If we do not receive the bad batch within ten business days after you have received the new hair, the status of the hair shipped to you will be changed from ‘bad batch exchange’ to ‘new order processed,’ and the option of lifting the ‘hold’ on your Cc will thereby be Voided.

If we, for any reason, would be unsure of what occurred with the hair, we will forward the pack of hair to Bohyme® and discuss it directly with them. At this point, it will be at Bohyme’s discretion to decide if the hair is accepted as an exchange.

An exchange cannot be accepted if we receive any less than the full pack of hair! If we find that these guidelines are kept, we will gladly honor the exchange and make sure to remove the ‘hold’ on your Cc for the full amount – shipping cost still paid by you.

We do check every tool and accessory before shipping it to you. We check to ensure they turn on/off and heat up as they should and then carefully package it. If, for some reason, the product does not work when you receive it, contact us immediately.

Easy Return Steps

1. Visit “My Account“.

2. Go to “Orders“.

3. If an item is able to be returned you can request a return by clicking the “Request Return” button.  If this button is not shown you are no longer able to return your item.

World hair system Orders

4. Use the provided form to complete your request for a refund credit or exchange. Please note: Refunds will be credited to your Virtual Wallet.

Return process form

5. Once your return or exchange has been approved you will be sent an email with further instructions and a return label.

6. Package your items and ship your package using the turn label provided.