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Super Tape

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3 Yard/2.74m x 1″/2.5cm

Nothing compares to SUPER TAPE; it is THE standard for holding power in the Hair Enhancement Industry. Use Supertape for any base material and for the longest, most-secure hold possible.
What is different about this superb product is that you avoid any gooey mess, and clean-up is a snap! Super Tape is formulated with a water-based adhesive which is skin and environmentally friendly; without compromising holding power!
Use for bonding wigs and toppers, or Skin Weft Hair, Hand Tied or Regular Wefted Hair. It does not damage lace, when removed correctly.


  • Super tape is breathable
  • Holds from 4 to 6 weeks
  • Very easy to use and easy to remove
  • No damage to lace
  • Skin safe
  • Made with acrylic adhesive


Length: 3 yards/2.74m – Width: 1”/2.5cm


Price: $6.50 per roll


Tips: Using Supertape on lace is easy and safe. For removal use our All natural World Hair System Remover in a spray bottle or use 70% or higher Alcohol, and spray on the outside of the lace. For removal on the inside, moisten a Q-tip in our Remover or in alcohol and gently remove.

In order to keep the roll of tape clean throughout it’s use; open the plastic wrapping carefully. In this way you can reuse the wrapping, keeping the tape clean.


Note: Click here to download MSDS Sheet

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