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Tape – Skin Weft Replacement tape

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By Bohyme®      

Bohyme® Skin Weft Tape gives a hold that lasts 2-5 weeks depending on the client’s body chemistry and use of hair products. The tape is thin and flexible with a clear, but dull finish.

Please note that this tape works for both short and wide skin weft/Tape Ins.


Short Replacement Tape

For use with 1.5”/4cm Skin weft hair

Width: 1.5”/4cm

Height: 1/3”/0.8mm


Long Replacement Tape

For use with 3”/8cm Skin weft hair

Width: 3”/8cm

Height: 1/3”/0.8mm

Per pack – 120 replacement Tapes

Each package contains 10 Sheets with 12 tapes on each or a total of 120 strips of replacement tape if used for short (1.5”/4cm) Tape Ins or 60 Tapes (3”/8cm) per sheet if used for the wide Tape Ins.


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Price per pack: $39



Work smarter by applying the remover to all of the rows of Tape Ins. Once applied to the entire row, go back and start removing the Tape Ins. If you find any residue on the hair apply Remover and clean using a Cotton Round, a rack, paper towel or similar.


Cleaning of Tape Ins: Remove any tape & residue from the PU area. Use 70% alcohol or over to clean. When dry, attach new Replacement tape and you are ready to re-apply to the client’s hair.


Reuse of the Tape Ins: Be systematic when removing the Tape Ins. For instance, use our Hair Holders to keep track. You should make a “map/drawing” to assist you, in this way you know where to place the Tape Ins when reapplying.

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