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Bead Pro-Loader & Pulling Needle

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Four Tools in one – for the serious Extensionist!

The Bead and Link Pro Loader is made of lightweight yet sturdy Aluminum and it has it all!
Load any kind or any size Beads onto the Flexible yet sturdy Nylon wire. Open the lid at the end of the Handle and you will find 3 exchangeable Pulling needles in three different sizes.
The 3 Pulling Needles corresponds with our 3 different size Beads as well as with our Threaded Beads. For our Trumpet-Links you can use small or medium size Pulling Needles. The soft ergonomic Aluminum handle is very user friendly – you will be able to work for hours without any aches or pain.

– Wire: 6”/15.24cm

– Handle is about 5.5”/14cm long.

– 3 individual & exchangeable Pulling Needles Size: Small, Medium, and Large Length: 1.75”/4.4cm

Use the Bead pro Loader for attachments with Bulk, I-Shaped Hair or Hair on Weft using Beads/Micro-Links, Threaded Beads, or Trumpet-Links. Fill the Pulling Needle with as many links as possible – that’s a real time saver!

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