When purchasing an item on backorder, please allow 2-3 additional business days after we receive your order for your items to be shipped out.

Shipping Hours: 10AM – 4PM CST

Who is the Luxe Collection made for:

  • For licensed professionals only such as salons, studios, and individual stylists who offer or intend to start offering Hair Extension and, or hair replacement services.
  • Pricing will only be displayed to the above-mentioned groups after we have received a copy of your photo ID and signed professional license.


Salons & Stylists who want only the very best quality products, but also want to be fully in charge of offering hair to their clients that the client cannot purchase themselves. This also gives the opportunity of setting their own pricing on hair extension & hair addition, products & services.

What is offered in the Luxe Collection:

  • Genius Wefts, Hand Tied Wefts, Machine Wefts & Seamless Weft™ – Full Cap Wigs & Toppers
  • There are intentions of expanding the Luxe Collection
  • The Luxe Collection offers a very high quality of Bohyme® hair with very few shorter hairs than the actual hair length. It is healthy, all-natural, high-end remi® human hair, with no gray, no previous processing, and no split ends. On the Hand Tied Hair, the wefts have been improved, though still as fine and strong as only Bohyme® has been able to make the hand-tied weft.
  • The Bohyme® Luxe Hair is only released in smaller batches.
  • Note that any additional chemical treatment, such as root color, smudge, lifting, perm, and the like of the hair in this Collection will void the option of exchange – please also see under our policies.

What World Hair System has to say about the Luxe Collection:

Decades ago when Fashion World introduced Bohyme® to the market, the high level of quality that the Bohyme® Brand represented was at the time, unheard of. Fashion World based the release of their product with the belief that the market/we the consumers, would recognize the quality, look, and feel – and we would also recognize that this product would last much longer than any other hair on the market had done previously. This was a bold and very risky step!

The same can be said about this Luxe collection. Accordingly, Fashion World listened and responded by giving back even more than any of us had asked for. With the Luxe Collection, once again they have shown us that they believe and trust that we will not only recognize, but also appreciate this very high-level quality of hair, and the incredible and vast amount of colors that they made available to us. All this we will put to the best use possible in our salons and our styling chairs for our discerning clients!

For these reasons your account information and account codes are exclusive to you, the professional, and can NOT be passed on to any other person including your clients.

The Bohyme® Luxe Collection is offered exclusively to:

Licensed professionals only which includes salons, studios, stylists, and barbers who offer or intend to start offering Hair Extension and, or hair replacement services. Please see the note about “Account Restrictions”.