When purchasing an item on backorder, please allow 2-3 additional business days after we receive your order for your items to be shipped out.

Shipping Hours: 10AM – 4PM CST

*Important note to our professional accounts: The intentions of offering exclusivity to professionals; the VIP’s and X’perts, as with the Bohyme® Luxe, Bohyme® Private Reserve, and Bohyme® Ethos Collections is based on that we understand and want to honor how very hard you are working. From educating yourself about hair extensions – in particular educating yourself about the Bohyme® brand and collections – the time spent on the consultations with your clients, to the purchasing phase, and the preparation of the hair. For these reasons, we offer exclusivity specifically to you, the professional – to give back and to make your days a bit easier and hopefully brighter.

If you on your end decide to pass any, or all markdowns from sales to your clients – that is totally up to you. However, it will have to be directly from you to your client, and not through giving access to your clients to your account with World Hair System.

World Hair System, along with Bohyme® takes this matter very seriously; we want to protect you the professional, who works with the Bohyme® brand; and in particular, you who want to or works with and view the Bohyme® Luxe, Bohyme® Private Reserve, and Bohyme® Ethos Collections as giving you a multitude of options and opportunities.

For these reasons we can under NO circumstances accept, and will not make any exceptions to quarantine or cancel an account if we find that account information or code has been leaked or passed on to nonqualified or non-professionals. We will quarantine such accounts until further notice or fully cancel accounts as such.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us through the Bot on our site, call or text us @ 312 213 4900