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Who is the Birth Remi® collection made for:

  • For everyone: salons & stylists the DIYs and the BIYs who desire textured/relaxed, or textured curly hair purely from nature.
  • No license is required – any person licensed or not, can purchase hair from this Collection.

What is offered in the Birth Remi® Collection:

  • All of the textures under Birth Remi® are made with the same type of weft. The weft is finer made than Bohyme’s® common machine weft. The weft can be cut in any width you would like. The weft does not shed.
  • A wealth of textures from straight to tight curls are offered and various amounts of different lengths. With the exception of Mink Yaki that is offered in a reasonable amount of colors, the hair in this collection is only offered in nature’s own natural hair colors.
  • The Bohyme® Birth Remi® Collection is released in a regular amount of batches.
  • Additional Chemical services can be applied, such as color, straightening, and perm services. The only exception is the texture, Mink Yaki. It’s been processed to achieve the various color options.

What World Hair System has to say about the Birth Remi® Collection:

Not including the Mink Yaki, the Bohyme® Birth Remi® hair has gone through a cleansing process only. This hair has the properties of the strict categorization of Virgin hair. To top it off, Virgin hair has only real quality if it is sourced from youthful and healthy donors as the Virgin Birth Remi® hair does. This brings the Birth Remi® Collection to the top of the scale in quality.

The fact that Bohyme® backs up that you can color and change the texture, indicates that this hair is truly virgin hair.

The Birth Remi® is the second youngest addition to the Bohyme® collections.

The Bohyme® Birth Remi® Collection is offered to:

Licensed professionals salons, studios, stylists, and barbers who offer Hair Extension and, or hair replacement services and for everyone who are interested in the Bohyme® hair such as the DIYs and the BIYs.

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