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Hair should be cleaned using shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis two to three times a week. We highly recommend using the products found under “Care Products” under “Accessories”.

Natural oils that are part of your body’s own chemistry, styling products such as common over the counter shampoos and conditioners, and even expensive high-end products can build up and dry out your hair. These are meant for the instant gratification of creating shiny, bouncy hair or whatever is advertised, but will often contain harsh agents and other content that will tangle and mat your hair extensions and strip your natural hair of all the good healthy natural minerals and oils.

Are you a Client reading this or an extension specialist? We highly recommend using the products on our site found under “Care Products”. We have experimented with all the tedious long term testing, and know that these products work great with all of the Bohyme® hair. These products will also be products to offer to your other clients. Also, suggest that your clients’ family members use these 100% hair healthy products.

If you are not already offering this product line in your Salon but would like to, please contact us for further information.

As most Salons we know that most offer several product lines, please check out “What products should I avoid”.