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World Hair (19)World Hair (19)

Smukke Hair™ Hand Tied Weft Silky Straight With A Slight Wave – Full Pack



1 - Black Licorice
1 Jet Black
10 - Caramel
10 Light Auburn
12 - Apricot
12 Light Golden Brown
14 - Maple Syrup
14 Light Ash Brown
14A - Ash Toffee
14B - Ash Butternut
16 - Almond Cream
16 Dark Honey Blonde
18 - Hazelnut
18A - Ash Blonde
18D - Bagel Ash Blonde
1B - Darkest Brown
1B Off Black
2 - Espresso
2 Dark Brown
22 - Blonde Mushroom
24 - Lemon Pound Cake
24 Pale Golden Blonde
27 - Golden Oak
27 Honey Blonde
3 - French Roast
30 - Ginger Spice
30E - Red Spice
31 - Sparkling Amber
31 Medium Auburn
32 - Copper
33 - Chocolate Cherry
33 Dark Auburn
35 - Pomegranate
4 - Havana Brown
4 Medium Redish Brown
4A - Medium Platinum Brown
5 - Truffle
5A - Cool Medium Brown
6 - Walnut
6 Chestnut Brown
60 - Platinum Blonde
60 Platinum
613 - Lightest Blonde
613 Beige Blonde
7 - Ashy Dark Roast
8 - Light Coffee
8 Medium Ash Brown
8A - Brownie
8B - Light Platinum Brown
99J - Black Cherry Burgundy
BL16 - Honey Blonde
BL16 - Medium Platinum Blonde
BL18 - Sparkling Cider
BL18/BL613 - Sparkling Cider & Chamomile Pure Blonde
BL22 - Ashy Blonde Mushroom
BL22A - Ultimate Ash Blonde
BL27 - Luster Bundt Cake
BL60 - Platinum Blonde
BL60A - Ultimate Platinum Blonde
BL613 - Chamomile Pure Blonde
BL613A - Ultimate Light Platinum Blonde
BL64 - Platinum Icy Blonde
BL9 - Ashy Coffee
BLH14/BL22 - Maple Syrup & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
CARAMELIZED - Light Golden Brown, Medium Honey Blonde, Light Golden Blonde (Balayage)
D10/16 - Caramel & Almond Cream
D10/18 - Caramel & Hazelnut
D14/22 - Maple Syrup & Blonde Mushroom
D14/24 - Maple Syrup & Lemon Pound Cake
D14/BL22 - Maple Syrup & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
D16/22 - Almond Cream & Blonde Mushroom
D16/BL22 - Almond Cream & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
D18/22 - Hazelnut & Blonde Mushroom
D18/BL22 - Hazelnut & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
D1B/12 - Off Black & Apricot
D1B/27 - Off Black & Golden Oak
D1B/270 - Off Black & Golden Oak Tan
D1B/30 - Off Black & Ginger Spice
D1B/33 - Off Black & Chocolate Cherry
D1B/330 - Off Black & Red Auburn
D22/27 - Blonde Mushroom & Golden Oak
D27/30 - Golden Oak & Ginger Spice
D27/613 - Golden Oak & Lightest Blonde
D27/BL613 - Golden Oak & Chamomile Pure Blonde
D30/33 - Ginger Spice & Chocolate Cherry
D4/27 - Havana Brown & Golden Oak
D4/27/30 - Havana Brown, Golden Oak & Ginger Spice
D4/30 - Havana Brown & Ginger Spice
D4/BL22 - Havana Brown & Blonde Mushroom
D6/27 - Walnut & Golden Oak
D6/BL22 - Walnut & Blonde Mushroom
DBL14/22 - Maple Syrup & Blonde Mushroom
DBL14/24 - Maple Syrup & Lemon Pound Cake
DBL14/BL22 - Maple Syrup & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
DBL14/BL24 - Maple Syrup & Lemon Pound Cake
DBL18/BL22 - Hazelnut & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
Fire Engine Red
Foggy Blue
FS1B/27 - Mocha Black Brown & Golden Oak
FS1B/30 - Mocha Black Brown & Ginger Spice
FS1B/33 - Mocha Black Brown & Chocolate Cherry
FS4/27 - Havana Brown & Golden Oak
FS4/30 - Havana Brown & Ginger Spice
H10/16 - Caramel & Almond Cream
H10/18 - Caramel & Hazelnut
H12/14 - Apricot & Maple Syrup
H14/24 - Maple Syrup & Lemon Pound Cake
H14/BL22 - Dark Beige Blonde & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
H14A/BL22A - Maple Syrup & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
H16/22 - Honey Blonde & Blonde Mushroom
H16/BL22 - Honey Blonde & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
H18/22 - Golden Brown & Blonde Mushroom
H18/BL22 - Golden Brown & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
H18A/BL22A - Ultimate Medium Ash Blonde & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
H18A/BL613 - Ultimate Medium Ash Blonde, Light Platinum Blonde (Highlights)
H1B/3 - Darkest Brown, Bronze Brown (Highlights)
H22/27 - Medium Platinum Blonde & Golden Oak
H24/BL613 - Light Golden Blonde & Chamomile Pure Blonde
H27/30 - Golden Honey Blonde & Ginger Spice
H27/613 - Golden Honey Blonde & Chamomile Pure Blonde
H27/BL613 - Golden Honey Blonde & Chamomile Pure Blonde
H4/27 - Maple Syrup & Golden Oak
H4/30 - Maple Syrup & Ginger Spice
H4/BL22 - Maple Syrup & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
HBL14/BL22 - Ashy Maple Syrup & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
HBL14/BL24 - Ashy Maple Syrup & Ashy Lemon Pound Cake
HBL18/BL22 - Ashy Hazelnut & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
HBL27/30 - Golden Oak & Ginger Spice
LATTE - Dark Ash Brown, Dark Brown, Medium Ash Blonde (Balayage)
M2/30 - Dark Brown & Ginger Spice
M2/33 - Dark Brown & Chocolate Cherry
M27/30 - Golden Honey Blonde & Ginger Spice
M30/33 - Light Auburn & Chocolate Cherry
M4/30 - Medium Brown & Ginger Spice
M4/33 - Medium & Chocolate Cherry
Natural Black
P1B/30 - Off Black & Ginger Spice
P1B/33 - Off Black & Chocolate Cherry
P27/30 - Golden Honey Blonde & Ginger Spice
P27/613 - Golden Honey Blonde & Chamomile Pure Blonde
P27/BL613 - Golden Honey Blonde & Chamomile Pure Blonde
P4/27 - Medium Brown & Golden Oak
P4/30 - Medium Brown & Ginger Spice
R4/18/BL22 - Ashy Light Coffee, Hazelnut & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
R5/14 - Dark Golden Brown Root, Lightest Golden Brown (Rooted)
R5/R5/18A - Deep Golden Brown Root, Dark Golden Brown, Dark Ultra Ash Blonde (Rooted)
R5B/5B/BL16 - Dark Slightly Ash Brown Root, Cool Brown, Medium Platinum Blonde (Rooted)
R7/BL64 - Medium Ash Brown and Platinum Icy Blonde (Rooted)
R7/R7/BL64 - Medium Ash Brown Root and Medium Ash Brown and Platium Icy Blonde (Rooted)
R8A/8A/BL22 - Rooted Brownie, Brownie & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
Rose Gold
SAND - Bright Platinum Blonde, Medium Ash Blonde, Honey Blonde (Balayage)
Strawberry Lemonade
T18/22/60 - Rooted Brownie, Brownie & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
T18A/60 - Ashy Rooted Brownie & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
T18A/BL22/BL60 - Ash Blonde, Cool Platinum Blonde, Ultra Platinum Blonde (Balayage)
T18A/BL60 - Ashy Rooted Brownie & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
T1B/30 - Off Black & Ginger Spice
T1B/33 - Off Black & Chocolate Cherry
T1B/330 - Off Black & Red Auburn
T1B/RED - Off Black & Red
T2/30 - Dark Brown & Ginger Spice
T2/BL22 - Dark Brown & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
T30/16 - Reddish Brown, Medium Blonde (Ombre)
T6/BL22 - Light Brown & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
T8A/BL22 - Light Auburn & Ashy Blonde Mushroom
VANILLA - Medium Ash Brown, Medium Blonde, Medium Platinum Blonde (Balayage)
Violet Mist
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Utilizing decades worth of hands-on experience working daily with extension clients, salons and stylists around the globe, World Hair System have created the highly requested Smukke Hair™ hand-tied weft extensions collection.

The Smukke Hair™ Collection utilizes high quality virgin ethically sourced 100% Remy/cuticle intact European Human Hair.

The new luxury hair collection has been delicately crafted to provide you, the stylist and the salon the freedom in creativity – How – the Smukke Hair™ has never been colored or processed. The colors offered in the Smukke Hair™ collection are all as nature created them. This is true also for our variety of Blonde colors. We know it’s amazing, right!

The Smukke Hair™ compliments your high-end client who expects shine and luster, together with longevity. It compliments you as their salon and stylist who wants the freedom to be creative backed up by us, your providing company.
Choose from 24 carefully curated colors and more to come, to create the most luxurious, natural new look from us, the company you know and trust.

The Smukke Hair™ is available in the following lengths:
18”/45.7cm: Full packs = 8 bundles – Half packs = 4 bundles
22”/55.9cm: Full packs = 6 bundles – Half packs = 3 bundles
Each individual hand-tied weft is about 12”/30cm wide

Who is the Smukke Hair™ collection made for:

The Smukke Hair™ collection offers stylists the ability to customize the extensions by being able to color, root color, smudge, lift (2 levels), perm, or treat the Smukke Hair™ with a straightening treatment if needed (Smukke Hair has a slight wave to it).  It can be washed, straightened or curled with heating tools – basically you can do the same as with natural growing hair. Still we urge you to be considerate and tell your clients the same – be smart in advance☺

What is offered in The Smukke Hair™ Collection:

  • Hand Tied Wefts
  • Offered in ½ and full packs
  • Comes in 18”/45.7cm & 22”/55.9cm
  • Over two dozen of the most popular colors – more colors will soon be added

What World Hair System has to say about The Smukke Hair™ Collection:
We have had a significant number of our customers of stylists and salons asking for hair they can color, lift, or perm without consequences and still be able to have us as their go to company back them up, in case something following shows to be off with the hair. We listened and sought out to develop just that. Our new Smukke Hair™ extensions, made with Virgin hair are customizable, and hand-sewn with a thin, barely detectable weft. The weft is so thin and flexible, hair can be comfortably worn up.

The Smukke Hair™ collection is offered exclusively to:
Licensed professionals, salons, studios, stylists, and barbers who offer Hair Extensions and/or hair replacement services and for everyone who is interested in the Smukke Hair™ collection particularly the DIYs and the BIYs.

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18”/45.7cm, 22”/55.9cm

Smukke Color

1 Jet Black, 1B Off Black, 2 Dark Brown, 4 Medium Redish Brown, 6 Chestnut Brown, 8 Medium Ash Brown, 10 Light Auburn, 12 Light Golden Brown, 14 Light Ash Brown, 16 Dark Honey Blonde, 24 Pale Golden Blonde, 24/8, 24/14, 24/16, 24/27, 27 Honey Blonde, 31 Medium Auburn, 33 Dark Auburn, 60 Platinum, 613 Beige Blonde, 613/14, 613/16, 613/24, 613/27