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Pot – For Hot Fusion – PRO

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Included one free pack of Fusion Sticks and 2 Hair Holders

This strong and sturdy Fusion Hot Pot is the most well constructed on the market; the name appropriately is “Fight”.

The Pot is electronically temperature controlled; it heats from 212F – 842F/100C – 450C. You can heat up any fusion type quickly and safely.

Used for making Strand by Strand or Wefted Hair Extensions.

Different Fusion types have different melting points. You don’t want to damage your client’s hair with overheated Fusion. Also, you don’t want to make attachments that are not long lasting due to under- heated Fusion. This is the reason that you will love our “adjustable” pot!

You can use this Pot for all kinds of Fusion: It works excellently with our regular and X-Large Fusion Sticks and Fusion Bowls, Re-Bond and all other kind fusion that we offer!

Price: $44.75

Suggestions: Cover the inner side of the cup of the Pot with foil before adding any fusion. In this way, you keep it clean and neat! It will make it easier for you to switch to another color or type of Fusion, to another. You can also use this Fusion Pot along with our Fusion Bowls; each come in a metal cup. There will be no mess or fuss cleaning up the bowl. If you choose to use Fusion Sticks, a suggestion is to cut the Sticks into smaller pieces before use.

For best results, melt small amounts of Fusion at a time. For instance: 1oz/30g. Apply only when Fusion is completely liquefied.

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