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Pliers – Opener



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Ergonomically Design

Developed & made exclusively for our customers!

The Micro Link Opener is a wonderful invention. We have put much consideration into the right ergonomics and “ease of use”!

Based on our real life experiences, we custom designed this tool: The handles are soft in order to put less stress on your hands. All Openers on the market today have the opening area in the middle or further down from the jaw –  that’s why we are proud to say; you won’t find a better Link-Opener than this!

For tightening reattachments  or removal of links, using the round area of the Opener, makes it easy to open the links and keep the links more rounded, without breakage or damage to the link or your client’s hair! Actually, this tool makes it possible for you to reuse the links.

Suggestions: If you use Pre-Tipped or I-Shaped Hair, you can use the flat area of the Tool to Close the Links as well!

If you work with hair attached to a weft using methods such as “Linking on Hair,” or “Linking on Weft” (when you want to close the links closer to the client’s scalp), then we suggest that you use our Closer Plier. These allow you to use the tip of the plier ensuring precision and ease of use.

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