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Pandemic – Survival Clip Ons



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My Team and I have been thinking about how we can best support stylist and Salons, in helping clients through the pandemic.
If your clients already have their extensions removed, or you have made it possible for them to receive our offer of the ‘COVID-19 – Survival Hair Extension Removal Kit’

If not all then most of your clients are totally uncomfortable not wearing their hair extensions. You can purchase this offer to help your Hair Extension clients.

We will convert the hair extensions that were removed to Clip Ons for the cost of Clips and Shipping.

Price: $ 10.00

VIP Checklist – We need to know:
Following answers should be machine written on paper and included with your Hair Extensions in your shipment to us:

  • How many rows should we make the Clip ons to become?
  • Stylist and your client’s Phone number – in case we have questions
  • Return address to your client (No Po-Box)
  • Any other information that you can think of that would be helpful for us to know.

Put your hair extensions in Ziplock bags and note on the outside: ‘lowest row’, ‘top row’, etc. This will help us when placing the clips, and it will help you to know where to place the wefts when you have them back from us. This will also help your stylist once you return to your Salon!

Yes, you can include your ‘COVID-19 – Survival Hair Extension Removal Kit’ when shipping in your hair extensions! We will refund 50% of the final cost of the Kit to the Cc used for this purchase.

Ship to:
World Hair System
77 W. Washington Street. Suite #1306
Chicago, IL 60602. USA
Please write outside package: Pandemic – Survival Clip Ons

Note: Customers of World Hair System are first serve, but we will do our best to help as many as we possibly can!

Any Questions!
Call or text us @ Phone: (1) 312 213 4900 or use the Boot here on the website.

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