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Hair Extension – Bonding Applicator – Pro

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Adjustable & Ceramic – for fusion

No matter what heating temperature your particular fusion needs in order to melt, this Ceramic Applicator will work perfectly because it is adjustable. It is perfect for Shrinkies too. The ceramic surface makes it easy to keep clean!

Use it for applying Pre-Tipped U-Shaped Hair, or use I-Shaped, Bulk or Hair cut off from a weft along with our Fusion Pearls, Re-Bonds, Shrinkies etc.

Price: $65.00

Suggestions: Drop one Fusion Pearl or Re-Bond onto the preheated Applicator.   It will stick to the applicator and immediately start melting. You are now ready to make I-Shaped V-shaped hair, or install bulk hair or hair that is cut off from a weft. This is also a great way to repair I Tips that  are soft or are missing  part of the tip.

When removing: If the Individual strand of hair is still in good condition, you can reuse it by cutting of the tip and reattach by adding one Fusion Pearl to your Preheated Applicator and apply.

To remove Shrinkies: Heat up to loosen and slide off. Cut off any remaining residue on the extensions and apply with a new Shrinkie.

If you want to seal open-ended braids or remove fusion, this tool works perfectly!

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