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Bohyme® Adhesive Release – (Tape-In remover)

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Bohyme’s remover is intended to be used to remove Bohyme® Adhesive Skin-Wefts/Tape Ins. The adhesive Remover, is an alcohol based, fast-acting cleaner. It is very gentle to the skin and is residue-free.


Directions: Spray the Remover on the tape of the attachment. Leave it sit for 5 seconds, breakdown will begin immediately. The release time will depend on the client’s chemistry and prior adhesive build-up.


Applicator: Pump & Spray

Weight: 4oz/118ml


Ingredients: Medical Grade Dimethylcarbinol, Mineral Oil, propylene Glycol, FD&C B1



  • Keep away from heat and flame.
  • Product is flammable. Store in a cool dry location.
  • Keep away from eyes. In the event of contact, flush thoroughly with water.
  • Do not inhale or ingest.
  • Stop use and ask a doctor if skin irritation develops.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Avoid skin contact for extended periods of time.



Price per Bottle: $23.00



Work smarter by applying the remover to all of the rows of Tape Ins. Once applied to the entire row, go back and start removing the Tape Ins. If you find any residue on the hair apply Remover and clean using a Cotton Round, a rack, paper towel or similar.


Cleaning of Tape Ins: Remove any tape & residue from the PU area. Use 70% alcohol or over to clean. When dry, attach new tape and you are ready to re-apply to the client’s hair.


Reuse of the Tape Ins: Be systematic when removing the Tape Ins. For instance, use our Hair Holders to keep track. You should make a “map/drawing” to assist you, in this way you know where to place the Tape Ins when reapplying.

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