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Bead CutterBead Cutter

Bead Cutter


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Even the most experienced stylist occasionally experience to crush a Bead.
When it happens and you keep working on the Bead to open, you accidentally might break off some of the client’s natural hair. Another option is or to cut off the client’s hair to get the Bead out – none are any good solutions. It’s a ‘pure panic situation’ since a crushed Bead usually will not move anywhere.
You can prevent a bad outcome by getting yourself a Bead Cutter, and never again worry if a situation like this might occur.

Suggestions: Always open the Bead by cutting it in two opposite areas. The Metal of the Bead will then come off and you saved your client’s hair in the process.
The Bead Cutter is sharp and handy, and very comfortable – simply a breeze to work with.

Made of Comfortable Rubber handles and strong steel
Approximately length: 6”/15cm

Se also our How to video of how to use the Bead cutter.

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