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Yes! We highly recommend it. A good haircut will make your extensions look much more healthy and blended with your own natural hair. If the extensions are attached correctly, getting a haircut avoids a possible “stringy” look, which announces “to the world“ that you are wearing hair extensions.

You also have to take into consideration the history of the hair. It is all human hair and originates from a hair donor, who took years to grow it to that specific length. The hair was then sent to the factory where it goes through different processes such as cleansing, color, and possibly adding texture. Although this is a very gentle food grade based processing, it is still a process. The fact is that you are taking a chance by not getting your extensions cut. Split ends are not initially seen by the naked eye. However, once they are visual, it means the split ends have already started traveling up the hair shaft – think of a rope unraveling. Not getting your extensions cut is compromising to the longevity of the hair… Also, take cutting them into consideration when choosing the haircut and the length of hair that you intend to purchase.


The hair offered by World Hair System is of very high quality and with the right care and correct use of products, the hair should last you for some time. For this reason, your extensions may go through a haircut at the first installation, and then over time, there may be several more trims. Please consider the fact that even a small trim will shorten the length of your hair.