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We all desire hair extensions that are natural-looking and beautiful for us and the world to see! To achieve the best natural looking attachment, it is of utmost importance to choose a texture that consistently matches and blends with your own natural hair.

When we speak with customers or our own clients about which texture of hair to choose, we often hear: “I always straighten my own hair, so what about ordering my hair in Silky Straight texture?” Think about that… we all live in different climates. Some are dry, some are humid, but we all can agree that being out on a rainy day, or being at the ocean or swimming pool, our hair may become affected, which will cause our own growing hair to revert back to its natural texture. How will your hair extensions react? They will go back to the texture that was chosen as well. If your natural hair is curly by nature and you choose Silky Straight for the hair extensions, you’rs and the extension’s hair will appear as two different textures.

If any of your hair is ‘out’ or blended with the hair extensions, our rule is to choose the texture of hair extensions as close to your own hair or your client’s natural texture as possible. Basically, choose the texture of hair extensions to be the same or as close to your’s/your client’s hair, when it dries naturally.