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Shipping Hours: 10AM – 4PM CST

Approximate weight per pack: 4oz/110-114grams

Overview of what you will receive in the width of the weft with various lengths of hair in the Seamless Weft™

Length of hair – Approximate width of weft

  • 18”/45.7cm length of hair – About 70”/178cm
  • 22”/55.9cm length of hair – About 60”/152cm

Thickness of weft: 0.023”/0.58mm
Height of weft: 0.20”/0.5cm
Reusable: Yes
Weft can be cut

Bohyme® Luxe - Silky Straight - Seamless Weft™

Specifics: SEAMLESS WEFTS™ are made by sewing hair onto material using a double row of two strong sewing threads. These wefts are more raised but are nearly as thin as the hand-tied wefts. Therefore, they are a close second in the “safe to touch” category to the hand-tied weft!