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Shipping Hours: 10AM – 4PM CST
Each pack of I Tips contains:
60 I Tipped hair
120 I Tipped hair

Weight per one I-Tip: 0.022oz/0.6grams
Height of Tip: 0.3”/7mm
Diameter of Tip: 0.1”/2.3mm
Reusable: Yes

Specifics: The I Tips/Pro Tips are made with a sturdy yet flexible tip, that will soften over time. If the tip becomes too soft, use either our Fusion Pearls or Re-bonds (you will find these under “Tools & Supplies”) with a hot bonding applicator to create a new tip. Once completed, let them cool off, and cut the tip evenly. You are now ready to reinstall the I Tips.

Tips work with all sizes of our silicone lined links/beads, and all other links/beads that we offer.