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The following three pictures are showing the same woman with the same length of hair. However, she is wearing her hair differently in each picture; from natural to very curly.

In the first picture, she is wearing her hair natural, which is straight with a little wave at the ends (no curl). Her hair reaches to nearly below her hip. Using our guide, higher up it would be considered “hip-length”. If a client or yourself wants this length, we would choose the longest hair extensions available which would be 26”/66.04cm. The 24”/60.96cm may work since she has some layers that are shorter than the final length.

Remember: the longest length would be measured from the lowest attachment and down.

If our goal is a more even length, we would have to choose the 26”/66.04cm for her. The reason being, we would have to follow the length attached highest up on her head to where it ends. Accordingly, cut the length of the extensions that are attached below, to meet the shortest length. The result is an even length.

In this picture, she has a soft but more curled hair texture, still using the same length as mentioned above. You can see that even soft curls such as these, shorten the length of her hair. According to our guide, the hair length is now a little below “tailbone length”.

Whether straight or curly, all hair companies measure the length of the hair as if it were straight. For example, Bohymes 18” Deep Wave will be more true to the length and appear shorter than 18” Silky Straight that really is a couple of inches longer than the 18”. So the curlier the hair, the shorter the length will appear; or the straighter the hair, the longer the hair will appear.

The third picture shows her again, but this time wearing a much tighter curl. With this tight of a curl, (as a Deep Wave) the same length used in previous pictures, would now appear much shorter. Using our Guide, it would be closer to “Waist Length”.

These different pictures of the same woman will hopefully give you a better feel about what to look for with the different lengths combined with different textures.

Remember to incorporate all of the above suggestions and considerations when making your decisions.