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A note from World Hair system about coloring the Bohyme® hair.

Now and then we receive questions about if Bohyme® hair can be colored. You might be a stylist and we are sure that you know your color theory and have lots of experience…

We get it!

We are stylists too and fully understand that you want to match your client’s or your own hair. Unfortunately, we can only guarantee the Birth Remi ® Collection if colored.

Why is that: First of all, with the exception of the Birth Remi® Collection, Bohyme® hair was not created to be able to take color twice – as it will be if you color it again. Yes, this is a fact even if you only smudge or root color the hair.

Another exception is the Mink Yaki, due to the additional processing needed to offer a variety of colors.

All hair extensions and how it is checked for quality will always be in a range, this can be one reason why you when using specific products or when coloring or lifting the color on the hair extensions can experience that it works ok x-amount of times and then suddenly it does not.

This is one reason why we can’t exchange hair for you from the Bohyme® Private Reserve, Luxe, Classic, or Essential Collection if it has been colored.

In addition products, for instance, shampoo and conditioner for highly damaged hair mean that you are adding different ingredients that might be too much for the hair extensions in particular since these often work from within the cortex of the hair. This might work wonders for your client’s hair but might work against the hair extensions.

If you choose to root color, lift, or simply color, or do any chemical process to the Bohyme® hair extensions, with exception of the Birth Remi® Collection, know that you are taking a chance and that the outcome, good or bad, is fully your decision to make but also your responsibility if it does not work as expected.

Also, note that Mink Yaki from the Birth Remi® Collection can not be colored since it’s already treated to provide different color options.

Long story short, we can’t exchange colored hair for new packs of hair – the manufacturer does not either accept returns from you or from us once the hair has been colored.

Do know that we always will do our best to assist you, so please contact us if any issues occur. We will do our best to help!