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We have received many questions about dry shampoo – think about what ‘Dry Shampoo’ is supposed to do – yes, absorb the oil on your scalp and hair! The natural oil on your hair extensions will unfortunately also be absorbed and this can cause the hair extensions to dry out, which again can cause frizz and breakage. Though it is an efficient way to make your hair look fresh, unfortunately, we can not recommend the use of dry Shampoo.

It’s actually confusing that it is named Shampoo since it’s not cleaning your hair, but instead, it absorbs or you could say ‘capsules’ in the oils on your hair and scalp. The Powder will stay on your scalp and in your hair until you shampoo it using a wet Shampoo.

Another matter with Dry Shampoo is that since it does stay in your hair and on your scalp, it can cause build-up which works against the healthy & natural growth of your hair. There are actual reports that raise questions about if Dry Shampoo potentially can cause direct damage to your own natural growing hair.

For all these reasons our recommendations would be instead of using Dry Shampoo, increase the number of times you regularly shampoo your hair. Shampooing your hair and your scalp using a wet Shampoo is what removes debris, dead skin cells, body oil, and dirt, such as dust and pollutants from the surrounding environment. We are aware shampooing & Conditioning, drying, and styling can be a bit of a challenge since this takes time – a time-saving suggestion is to only shampoo your own hair on the top from extensions and up. Using a removable shower head or wet and Shampoo under a faucet. Make a Ponytail or braid the extensions hair meanwhile.