About World Hair System

When Mette H. Menotti first started World Hair System® at the beginning of the millennium, this e-commerce site stood out from all the rest. It was the first and only online retailer to offer exclusively Bohyme® Hair. Simply stated, “we only wanted to work with the finest hair and products available.”

Bohyme® Hair

BOHYME® is dedicated not only to high quality in its products but consistency as well. The Hair has never been permed, processed, or dyed which ensures that you get a consistent product – Hair that you and your clients can depend on! Also BOHYME’s® other considerations include avoiding any kind of acid-washing; the BOHYME® process uses only “food grade” as an alternative to harsh chemicals which all keeps the hair non frizzy, long lasting shine, keeps the look and feel, as no other Brand does!

Bohyme® Classic Collection

Bohyme® originated with 100% Remi® Human Hair decades ago and continues to revolutionize the beauty industry with transformative products today. Bohyme® continues to expand in product lines, but also with new products, length of hair, textures and innovative wefts, though always make sure that the individual product is very well tested before hitting the Market.

This Classic Collection stays strong as the proud Bohyme® foundation. As with all Bohyme® hair it originates from raw material that offers only healthy hair free of chemical processing. Bohyme® quality is unparalleled, it is consistently beautiful, simply hair rooted in the world of fashion.

Bohyme® Luxe – the most luxurious hair extensions to date!

When you want to deliver success each and every time, Bohyme® Luxe is the choice! 

This luxurious collection features 100% Remi® human hair that is full and voluminous throughout the entire shaft of the hair.

The focus is using only healthy, all natural hair (no gray), no previous processing, no split ends, but even throughout the hair shaft which create a very even hair length . This has allowed Bohyme® to produce an unheard of amount of incredibly rich, vibrant, and bold colors, to match the increase of fashion forward requests from stylists and salons around the globe.

Bohyme® Birth Remi® Collection

For more than 20 years, Bohyme® has set the standard for premium, ethically sourced, Remi® hair. The Birth Remi® collection is bundled solely from individual donors that go through meticulous inspections to ensure only the healthiest state of hair. This arduous process is what produces the highest quality hair and what defines Bohyme® brand worldwide.

The Birth Remi® is available only in nature’s own all natural hair colors. The hair does not go through any harsh chemical based process and nothing has jeopardized the integrity of the hair. The construction of the weft is made so that you will experience little to no shedding.
Since you are working with some of nature’s healthiest Virgin hair, you are free to style, color, change texture, let your imagination run free.

Bohyme® Essential Collection

This Collection is another example of Bohyme®’s creativity and eagerness to explore everything regarding hair. No matter if it is for the professional salon and stylist, buying your own hair to bring to your extensionist, or for you to immediately experience doing it yourself!

This line is for the professional to purchase for their clients, or for the DIY and BIY (Bring it yourself) customer. This Collection is made for all of us!

With all these many options, Bohyme® makes it possible for all of us to:

“be the creative mind that we are meant to be!”

We at world Hair System want to wish you a wonderful journey exploring yet another part of Bohyme®’s wealth of options.

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