World Hair System Remover™


This is an all natural all Vegan World Hair System Remover™; The Remover is made of a mixture of Essential Citrus Oils and other all natural ingredients. It is an absolutely excellent Remover that works fast and easy when removing our Tipped Hair, Fusion Pearls, Fusion Tips, Sticks, Shrinkies, Tape, and our other Adhesives.

Most removers are based on mixtures of harsh chemicals. They are working well but are not healthy for the client’s hair and most importantly your health. That is why we invented this mixture which is all natural based. With this Remover we give you a choice. Let your place smell of Citrus while removing Fusion attached Hair Extensions!

Just go “Natural & Vegan” J with World Hair System Remover™!

4oz bottles with easy to use top!

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