About Bohyme®

BOHYME® is the name trusted by top salon professionals worldwide. It was the first 100% Remi human hair available in the market and has always been considered to be the very best in quality, durability and consistency.

Ensuring dependability and the highest quality, BOHYME® Hair Process begins with selecting the very best raw materials. Only healthy and youthful hair is being used. The extensive quality control methods are employed. Hand-Picking each strand means that the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction thereby preventing tangling. BOHYME’s constant efforts at quality control and use of the most advanced technology guarantees that BOHYME will consistently deliver:

Superior Quality – Full Body – Long Life - Luster

BOHYME is dedicated not only to high quality in its products but consistency as well. The Hair has never been permed, processed, or dyed which ensures that you get a consistent product – Hair that you and your clients can depend on! Also BOHYME’s other considerations include avoiding any kind of acid-washing; the BOHYME® process uses only “food grade” as an alternative to harsh chemicals which all keeps the hair non frizzy, long lasting shine, keeps the look and feel, as no other Brand does!

Owing to BOHYME’s carefully considered, dependable, and consistent processes we provide only the best quality hair to the World Market.
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