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Hand Made Integrations & Top-Pieces

Pre Requisite: the student must have prior knowledge as these are more complicated methods. A minimum of completion of one of our linking or sewing classes or have extensive knowledge about attachments with those Methods!

1 person $895

2 – 4 persons $865- each

5 – 6 persons $825- each

7 – 10 person $795- each

Max 10 per class

Price includes: 1 Canvas Head with holder, 1 box of T-pins, 3 Curved Needles, and 2 rolls of Extension Thread for practice, 1 bag of wefted hair for practice.

Class hours:

9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Master Trainers’ classes

Interested in being a trainer yourself!

2 day classes; you will learn to teach between 4 - 6 different Methods

You can only attend these classes by having a certification in at least three of our classes. You can only become a Trainer in the specific Methods you have a previous World hair System Certification in.

The classes are combined as followed:

Methods 1) + 2)

Methods 3) + 6)

Methods 4) + 5)

For more information about classes #1 to # 6 look under “Most Modern Methods”!

Methods A)

Methods B)

Methods C)

Methods D)

Hand Made Integrations & Top-Pieces

Weddings - Parties - Special Events - Holiday Hair & Hand Made Jewelry for hair NEW!

Learn how to make breathtaking Up-Do’s for special occasions and combine it with the final touch of Hand Made Jewelry for Hair.

This class is great to combine with Hair Extensions because Extensions give you so many more possibilities – but you can easily attend the class without any prior knowledge or interest in doing Hair Extensions.

Please call for more information!

You can choose to take the classes in the order you prefer.

We only start these classes when minimum 5 people have signed up.

You can only attend the Master class “Hand Made Integrations & Top-Pieces” after receiving your certification as a Specialist in World Hair Extensions in at least following classes: 3) + 4) or 3) + 5).

For each class you have passed you will receive a certification “Master Trainer of World Hair System”

For more information please call us at: (1) 312 213 4900

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