BOHYME® CLASSIC – Addison Topper: 10”/25.4cm


Are you or your client looking for fullness on the top of the head? Do you have enough hair in the back area to integrate for a bit more fullness? This topper could be your answer.

Due to the hand ventilated multi-directional hair, the topper can be parted anywhere you wish and will provide a fully natural look.

The fine weft bands going from side to side, allow for integrating your own hair. The weft bands can be cut off for smaller sizing.

It comes with 3 clips for easy attachment, but can easily be attached using Hair Velcro, hair combs; or for a extended wearing time, links can be used for a sewn on piece.

Base construction:

  • Oval Shaped
  • Mesh base on crown with fine silicone lining in front from temple to temple. PU around the perimeter.
  • PU lined weft bands in back for possibly integrating of one’s own hair.
  • Weft bands in back can be cut off for smaller sizing.
  • Hair is multi-directional and hand ventilated, sewn to the mesh, and hand injected into the PU & silicone areas.
  • Under looped/under ventilated front hairline and temples for blending and a natural looking hairline.
  • 3 clips for simple attachment.

Base Size: Small
Mesh including weft bands:
Side to side: 5”/12.7cm
Front to back: 5”/12.7cm

Hair Length: 10″/25.4cm

Hair Texture: straight with body

Hair Density:
Top: medium to heavy
Grid: medium

If you retain any or all of the grids, make sure to integrate your own hair in between the grids. Pull your own hair through by using a rattail comb. Lastly attach the outer perimeter grid.

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