Salons and Stylists In the Limelight

Dear Salons and Stylists,

We are aware that you are working hard every day and probably are dreaming about hair at night! We are hopeful that we can focus attention that will help you and other salons and stylist. We are always receiving requests from customers who are interested in finding salons and stylists.

If you are interested in becoming our professional “Salon in the Limelight” or “Stylist in the Limelight”, please contact us.

After contacting us, we will provide you with information and an optional questionnaire, to get you started on how to go about becoming the salon or stylist in the limelight!

Please call, text, or email us at:

World Hair System
77 W. Washington St. #1306 & #1312
Chicago, IL. 60602
P. (1) 312-213-4900/ (1) 312-372-4008
F. (1) 312-372-2339
1 888.hair477/1.888.424.7477