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Smukke Hair

Who is the Smukke Hair™ collection made for:

  • Licensed professionals only: salons, studios, and individual stylists who offer or intend to begin offering hair extensions and/or hair replacement services. This also gives you the opportunity to determine your own pricing for the hair extensions, products & services.
    Pricing will only be displayed to the above-mentioned groups after we have received a copy of your photo ID, and signed professional license.

Salons & Stylists who want only the very best quality products, but who also want to be in full control of offering hair to their clients, that cannot be purchased directly by the client themselves.

The Smukke Hair™ collection offers stylists and salons the highest quality hair, and therefore the ability to be creative and customize the extensions by using color, root color, smudge, lift (2 to 3 levels max), perm, or chemical straightening. We give you the opportunity to be in the “driver’s seat”!

As the providing company, World Hair System, will stand behind you. Yes, even if the Smukke Hair™ has been Chemically treated. Chemical

What is offered in The Smukke Hair™ Collection:

  • Hand Tied Wefts
  • Half packs and full packs
  • Available in 18”/45.7cm & 22”/55.9cm
  • Texture: Silky Straight with Body
  • Offered in over two dozen of the most popular colors – more Colors will soon be added
  • You have the option to make an exchange even if you have colored, permed, or used a straightening treatment on the Smukke Hair™ Extensions.
  • Also, we have intentions to expand the Smukke Hair™ collection.

What World Hair System has to say about The Smukke Hair™ Collection:

We have had a significant number of customers, stylists, and salons requesting hair that they can color or lift, or perm without consequence; and still be able to have us, their “go to company”, back them up if there was a problem with the hair. We researched and sought to develop this brand of quality product. Our new Smukke Hair™ extensions are customizable, and hand-sewn with a thin barely detectable hand tied weft. The weft is fine, flexible, and still very strong so that hair can be comfortably worn in an updo.

Basically, you can do the same chemical services to The Smukke Hair™ and use heated tools as you can to your natural growing hair. Still, we urge you to be cautious and suggest that your clients do the same – be smart in advance!

The Smukke Hair™ collection is offered exclusively to:

Licensed professionals, salons, studios, stylists, and barbers, who offer hair extensions and/or hair replacement services.