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Smukke Hair Hand Tied Weft

Approximate weight per pack of Hand tied wefts: 4oz/110-114 Grams
The longer the hair that you order, the less amount of Hand Tied individual bundles you will receive. Consequently, you will receive more individual bundles of Hand Tied Hair in the orders that request shorter hair.
Thickness of weft: 0.04”/0.08mm – (2 fine threads)
Height of weft: 0.04”/0.08mm – (2 fine threads)

The following is an overview of what you will receive in bundles of hair per pack, of hand-tied wefts considering the length of hair available.

The Smukke Hair™ is available in the following lengths:

  • 18”/45.7cm
  • 22”/55.9cm
  • 18”/45.7cm: Full packs = 8 bundles – Half packs = 4 bundles
  • 22”/55.9cm: Full packs = 6 bundles – Half packs = 3 bundles

Each individual hand-tied weft is about 12”/30cm wide

Approximate width of each Hand Tied Wefts: 10”/25.4cm – 11”/27.9cm
Reusable: Yes
The hand-tied weft can NOT be shortened by cutting the weft – it will unravel.
If you choose to cut this weft shorter you must use a sealant.
Specifics: HAND TIED WEFTS are literally handmade using only two strong threads. The price is higher due to the fact it is made by hand.
Hand Tied wefts are the least visual and most “touch-safe” of all the wefts available.