What Texture Hair Extensions Should I Choose?

We all desire hair extensions that are natural looking and beautiful for us and the world to see! To achieve the best natural looking attachment, it is of utmost importance to choose a texture that consistently matches and blends with your own natural hair.

When we speak with customers or our own clients, about what texture of hair to choose, we often hear: “I always straighten my own hair, so what about ordering my hair in Silky Straight texture?” Think about that… we all live in different climates. Some are dry, some are humid, but we all can agree that being out on a rainy day, or being at the ocean or swimming pool, our hair may become affected, which will cause our own growing hair to revert back to it’s natural texture. How will your hair extensions react? They will go back to the texture that was chosen as well. If your natural hair is curly by nature and you choose Silky Straight for the hair extensions, your’s and the extension’s hair will appear as two different textures.

If any of your hair is ‘out’ or blended with the hair extensions, our rule is to chose the texture of hair extensions as close to your own hair or your client’s natural texture as possible. Basically, choose the texture of hair extensions to be the same or as close to your’s/your client’s hair, when it air dries naturally.


How curly, straight, or textured are the different hair types?

To help you make the best decision on texture on a scale from 1 to 10 (where 1 is straight and 10 is the most curly), we numbered most of the textures.

Below is also a scale that will show you the more textured/relaxed hair and the level of volume and curl.

If you are still unsure you could take advantage of offer to purchase our “Texture sampler”. Or simply call, email, or text us. We are here to help.

Note: Remember that the more curls there are, the more labor to untangle – a suggestion is to braid the hair when going to sleep.

Textures from Silky Straight to Curly hair: On the Scale


0 – 1 Silky Straight – (BLHST)

Has no curl. When shampooed it has a little bit of body, but a smidge less than Body Wave.

Silky Straight is very easy to curl and holds curls very well. Additionally, it will remain straight when using a flat iron.


1 – 1 Body Wave – (BLHBW)

Gives you a hint of body, but it is very close in texture to Silky Straight. For most people, Body Wave or Silky Straight can be used interchangeably. Body Wave and Silky Straight hold a very firm curl or can be straightened as you desire.


2 – 2 Soft Wave – (BOSOF)

Has more body with a hint of a very soft curl. It can be curled or straightened as you desire.


2 – 3 European Body/Virgin hair – (VIRGN)

Has a very soft S-Curl, and has a finer texture/diameter of the individual hairs – it is closer to European/Scandinavian hair. It can be curled or straightened as you choose.


3 – 4 Egyptian Wave – (BO-EG)

Offers a very smooth less tight S-wave. The individual hairs are a tad thicker in diameter than Body Wave or Silky Straight. However, it works for most hair. It can be curled or straightened as you choose.


4 – 5 Ocean Breeze – (BO-OB)

Has a soft S-curl which is a bit tighter than Egyptian Wave. It is very soft and natural looking, and it can be curled or straightened as desired.


6 – 7 French Body – (BOFBD)

Has a tighter but still soft S-curl. It is less wavy than French Refined. Very natural and easy to work with.


7 – 8 French Refined – (BOH-FR)

Is a more tight S-curl and can seem ‘‘unruly” in a positive way. French Refined has a very natural and beautiful curl.

The French Refined will straighten to some degree, but not fully when using a flat iron. You will be able to change the curl pattern by using a curling Iron.


8 – 9 Deep Wave – (BOH-DW)

The curl is more defined & tight, but will loosen somewhat when shampooed. When the hair is shampooed or wet, using a brush, scrunching, air-drying, or using a blow dryer and brush, will result in a very pretty natural look.

If you want to achieve a bit softer curl, brush while blow drying the hair.

Out of the package, the curls have a tendency to spiral around themselves. We recommend shampooing the hair a couple of times before attaching. In this way, you sooner will accomplish how the hair will ultimately look.

The Deep Wave will not straighten fully by using a flat iron. You will be able to change the curl somewhat by using a curling Iron.

Textured & Curly Hair – On the Scale


0 – 0 Textured Smooth – (BO-TE)

Offers a more straight, smooth, and soft texture with a fine relaxed look and feel. It is similar to a Silky Straight, but with the look and feel of common relaxed straight hair which can be curled.


0 – 1 Saharian Smooth – (BOSAS)

Has no curl but has a softer relaxed look and feel to it, and will give you a good amount of soft body. It can easily be curled or straightened, and will still keep the relaxed feel.


0 – 1 Platinum Yaki – (BOPYK)

Offers you a bit more of a coarse relaxed look and feel, but is still in the category of straight hair. It can be worn straight as it comes naturally, but it can also be curled.


1 – 2 Velvet Luster/Virgin Yaki – (BO-YK)

Though this hair has no curl we give it a 1 – 2 due to the volume that it creates. It offers a soft relaxed look and feel, along with giving you a fair amount of soft body. It can easily be curled or straightened, keeping the relaxed feel.


9 – 10 Natural Wave – (BO-NB)

This texture has a relaxed, but yet very soft and healthy feel to it. It has a tighter curl and is very close in appearance to Virgin Natural African American hair. It can be worn straight when brushed while blow drying. Once you have shampooed or wet Natural Wave, it will look and react like Virgin Natural African American hair. Natural Wave, which is offered only in bulk (no weft/loose hair) is comparable to Brazilian Wave. Any suggestions under Brazilian Wave will apply to Natural Wave as well.


9 – 10 Brazilian Wave – (BO-BZ)

Resembles Natural Virgin African American curly hair and is as natural to the look and feel as you can imagine. The hair is very versatile; you can flat iron it into a more relaxed Yaki look, repeatedly brush it when it is air drying, or use a blow dryer and you will accomplish the look of soft relaxed hair with a bit of wave. Also, you can easily use styling products. When shampooed and wet, it will naturally return to the textured strong spiral curls.

Brazilian Wave and Natural Wave are very similar. Any suggestions under Natural Wave will apply to Brazilian Wave too.

Note: Remember that the more curls the more labor intensive to untangle – we suggest braiding it when sleeping. To make the curls look less ‘frizzy’ and more defined, use products and/or just twirl sections of hair around your fingers while letting the hair air dry.

We are always here to assist you with any questions that you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call or text us: 312-213-4900.

Your Team @ World Hair System