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Bohyme® hair, wefts and textures Everything you need to know!

What will the package look like when I receive my hair?   

Most hair wefts and tipped hair will arrive in a long or short package depending on the texture of the hair that you are purchasing. The packaging is usually made of sturdy, but flexible see-through plastic, that can be opened at both ends. The hair is tied onto a sturdy backing inside the plastic. Without opening the package you will easily be able to see the brand, the texture, length of hair, and the number of the color.

On the back of the package it may have some information about the providing company, about the hair and its quality, along with care tips. Most packages will also have a barcode.

Following are some examples of packaging from the five different Bohyme® collections - from right to left:

The Bohyme® Private Reserve, Bohyme® Luxe, Bohyme® Classic, Bohyme® Birth Remi®, and Bohyme® Essential Collection. These examples of packaging can change over time, so please always note what is written on the package.

Can the Bohyme® hair be colored?

A note from World Hair system about coloring the Bohyme® hair

Now and then we receive questions about if Bohyme® hair can be colored. You might be a stylist and we are sure that you know your color theory and have lots of experience…

We get it!

We are stylists too and fully understand that you want to match your client’s or your own hair. Unfortunately we can only guarantee the Birth Remi ® Collection if colored.

Why is that: First of all, with the exception of the Birth Remi® Collection, Bohyme® hair was not created to be able to take color twice – as it will be if you color it again. Yes this is a fact even if you only smudge or root color the hair.

All hair extensions and how it is checked for quality will always be in a range, this can be one reason why you when using specific products or when coloring or lifting the color on the hair extensions can experience that it works ok x-amount of times and then suddenly it does not. 

This is one reason why we can’t exchange hair for you from the Bohyme® Private Reserve, Luxe, Classic, or Essential Collection if it has been colored.

In addition products, for instance, a shampoo and conditioner for highly damaged hair means that you are adding different ingredients that might be too much for the hair extensions in particular since these often works from within the cortex of the hair. This might work wonders for your client’s hair, but might work against the hair extensions.

If you choose to root color, lift, or simply color, or do any chemical process to the Bohyme® hair extensions, with exception of the Birth Remi® Collection, know that you are taking a chance and that the outcome, good or bad, is fully your decision to make, but also your responsibility if it does not work as expected.

Long story short, we can’t exchange colored hair for new packs of hair – the manufacturer does not either accept returns from you or from us once the hair has been colored.

Do know that we always will do our best to assist you, so please contact us if any issues occur. We will do our best to help!

Hand Tied Weft

Approximate weight per pack: 4oz/110-114 Grams

All the packages of HAND TIED WEFTS weigh the same amount 4oz/110-114grams.

The longer the hair that you order, the less amount of Hand Tied individual bundles you will receive. Consequently, you will receive more individual bundles of Hand Tied Hair in the orders that request shorter hair.

Thickness of weft:  0.04”/0.08mm - (2 fine threads)

Height of weft: 0.04”/0.08mm - (2 fine threads)

The following is an overview of what you will receive in bundles of hair per pack, of hand tied wefts considering the length of hair available.

14”/35.6cm = 10 Individual Hand Tied Wefts

18”/45.7cm = 8 Individual Hand Tied Wefts

22”/55.9cm = 6 Individual Hand Tied Wefts

Approximate width of each Hand Tied Wefts: 10”/25.4cm - 11”/27.9cm

Reusable: Yes

Specifics: HAND TIED WEFTS are literally made by hand using only two strong threads. The price is higher due to the fact that it is made by hand.          

Hand Tied wefts are the least visual and most “touch safe” of all the wefts available.

Machine Weft

Approximate weight per pack: 4oz/110-114grams

All the packages of machine weft hair weigh the same: 4oz/110-114grams.

The longer the hair that you order, the shorter the width of the weft. The longer the weft, the shorter the hair length.

Following an overview of what you will receive in terms of the width of the weft and the different lengths of hair available in the machine made weft.

Length of hair - Approximate width of weft

10”/25.4cm length of hair - About 90”/228cm

12”/30.5cm length of hair - About 85”/216cm

14”/35.6cm length of hair - About 80”/203cm

16”/40.6cm length of hair - About 75”/190cm

18”/45.7cm length of hair - About 70”/178cm

20”/50.8cm length of hair - About 65”/165cm

22”/55.9cm length of hair - About 60”/152cm

24”/60.9cm length of hair - About 55”/140cm

26”/66.0cm length of hair - About 50”/127cm


Thickness of weft: 0.07”/1.74mm

Height of weft: ¼”/6.4mm

Reusable: Yes

SPECIFICS: MACHINE MADE WEFTS are made by merging two wefts together. These are first sewn on a machine then sewn together again using a machine to make one weft. This is also how “back to back” colors are created; one machine sewn weft are one color, and the second machine made weft another color, then sewn together. Although the machine made weft is not the thinnest of wefts, Bohyme® machine wefts are much finer and constructed stronger than most other brands.

The weft on Birth Remi® offer an even finer & more thin machine weft that the regular Bohyme® machine weft. This way you can achieve a very smooth application with included befits of being able to color or perm as you can with the Birth Remi® hair.

Seamless Weft ™

Approximate weight per pack: 4oz/110-114grams

Overview of what you will receive in the width of the weft with various lengths of hair in the Seamless Weft

Length of hair - Approximate width of weft

18”/45.7cm length of hair - About 70”/178cm

22”/55.9cm length of hair - About 60”/152cm

Thickness of weft: 0.023”/0.58mm

Height of weft: 0.20”/0.5cm

Reusable: Yes

Specifics: SEAMLESS WEFTS™ are made by sewing hair onto a material using a double row of two strong sewing threads. These wefts are more raised, but are nearly as thin as the hand tied wefts. Therefore, they are a close second in the “safe to touch” category to the hand tied weft!

Bulk/Loose Hair

An example of bulk hair is the Bohyme® Natural Wave. Bulk hair can be used for things such as Crochet Braids, Twists, and constructing wigs, toppers etc. 

Approximate weight per pack: 4oz/110-114grams

All packages of bulk hair weigh the same: 4oz/110-114grams. The longer the hair that you order, the less individual hairs you will receive per package. The shorter the hair, the more individual hairs that you will receive.

Reusable: Depending on the kind of attachment you are using, the hair may or may not be reusable. With various methods, you will need new hair for each new attachment.

Specifics: BULK/LOOSE HAIR is hair that is not attached to a weft. You will receive this hair in one pack held in two bundles with a band tied around each bundle about 1”/2.5cm from the top of the hair.

Tape Ins/Adhesive Skin Wefts

Amount per pack of 1.5”/3.8cm strips and 3”/7.6cm wide strip: 10 strips

Overview of what you will receive per pack of Tape Ins with each 1.5”/3.8cm wide strip:

Weight per 1.5”/3.8cm wide strip - approx.: 1oz/28grams

Width of weft: 1.5”/3.8cm

Height of weft: ¼”/6.4mm

Reusable: Yes

Overview of what you will receive per pack of Tape Ins with each 3”/7.6cm wide strip:

Weight Per 3”/7.6cm wide strip - approx.: 1.8 oz/54grams

Width of weft: 3”/7.6cm

Height of weft: ¼”/6.4mm

Reusable: Yes

Specifics: The hair on the TAPE INS are hand injected into PU (poly/polyurethane). The PU resembles the scalp or skin. This is also how the term “Skin Wefts” came about.

The fact that the hair is hand injected into the PU, makes it appear as if the hair is growing from the scalp.

Each pack of Tape Ins contains 10 strips of hair.

Use with Skin Weft Replacement Tape and reuse the Tape Ins over and over again.

I Tips/Pro Tips

Each pack of I Tips contain:

60 I Tipped hair


120 I Tipped hair

Weight per one I-Tip: 0.022oz/0.6grams

Height of Tip: 0.3”/7mm

Diameter of Tip: 0.1”/2.3mm

Reusable: Yes

Specifics: The I Tips/Pro Tips are made with a sturdy yet flexible tip, that will soften over time. If the tip becomes too soft, use either our Fusion Pearls or Re-bonds (you will find these under “Tools & Supplies”) with a hot bonding applicator to create a new tip. Once completed, let them cool off, and cut the tip evenly. You are now ready to reinstall the I Tips.

I Tips work with all sizes of our silicone lined links/beads, and all other links/beads that we offer.

How to care for your Bohyme® hair

Now that you’ve purchased your extensions, care must be taken to achieve optimum use.

Having bought high quality hair extensions, you want to make certain that they will look and stay as healthy looking as possible, for as long as possible.

Natural human hair extensions hung on a white wall in the beauty salon, space for text. Multicolor straight and curly tape in colorful remy human hair extensions.

If you yourself, purchased the hair extensions, always shampoo and condition the hair before installation. If there are any issues to be found with the hair, 90 to 95 per cent of the time, you will find it at this point.


If you are having your extensions professionally done, we do assume shampooing and conditioning the hair extensions is taken care of by your Extension Specialist before he or she starts the installation.

The first thing you should do is to discuss and follow all of the advice your extension specialist shares with you. They are experienced with the hair and know what products will and will not work for your hair extensions. It is advised to purchase their product recommendations, and if you have any questions or concerns, call your stylist or salon immediately.

The following is general care information suggested by us at World Hair System’s, to maintain and keep your hair extensions “happy and healthy”!

If you have any questions we are only a phone call or text away: 312.213.4900

Every day suggestions

The Hair Extensions should be gently untangled using a loop brush or a medium hard bristle brush - use only what is recommended to you.

Brush your hair in the morning, when needed during the day, and very importantly before going to bed. Always brush your hair in sections. Start Brushing from the ends of the hair and work yourself up to the scalp area.

If your natural hair has been shedding and you see that your hair from the scalp to the attachment of the hair extensions starts tangling, section your hair horizontally one row at a time right above the attachment starting from the row closest to the nape. Use a sturdy bristle brush over the attachments to untangle. If done correctly, this should not cause any breakage of your hair providing you take your time and work gently.

When going to bed, long hair extensions should be braided into one or two big loose braids. The purpose is to prevent tangling, damage to the attachment, and also to avoid traction of your own hair where the extensions are attached.

It’s recommended to shampoo your hair in the morning or during the day. If you need to shampoo in the evening, make absolutely certain that your hair is fully dry throughout the extensions before going to sleep. Particularly, check to see that the hair is dry around the attachments.

A tip that is very healthy for both the hair extensions and your own real hair is to use a pillowcase made of silk or satin; it’s not rough and does not take moisture away from your hair as other common materials such as cotton. Also, it is pleasant and very healthy for your skin!

We do offer Satin Pillow cases - you can find these under “Tools & Supplies”.

How often should I Shampoo and Condition my hair?

Hair should be cleaned using shampoo and conditioner on a regularly basis two to three times a week.

Natural oils that are part of your body’s own chemistry, styling products such as common over the counter shampoos and conditioners, and even expensive high end products can build up and dry out your hair. These are meant for the instant gratification of creating shiny, bouncy hair or whatever is advertised, but will often contain harsh agents and other content that will tangle and mat your hair extensions and strip your natural hair of all the good healthy natural minerals and oils.

Are you are a Client reading this or an extension specialists we highly recommend using the products  on our site found under “Care Products”.  We have experimented with all the tedious long term testing, and know that these products works great with all of the Bohyme® hair. These products will also be products to offer to your other clients. Also suggest that your clients family members use these 100% hair healthy products.

If you are not already offering this product line in your Salon, but would like to, please contact us for further information.

As most Salons we know that we offer several product lines, please note further below “What products should I avoid”.

Can I use Dry Shampoo?

We have received many questions about dry shampoo - think about what ‘Dry Shampoo’ is suppose to do - yes, absorb the oil on your scalp and hair! The natural oil on your hair extensions will unfortunately also be absorbed and this can cause the Hair extensions to dry out, which again can cause frizz and breakage. Though it is an efficient way to make your hair look fresh, unfortunately we can not recommend the use of dry Shampoo.

It’s actually confusing that it is named Shampoo since it’s not cleaning your hair, but instead it absorbs or you could say ‘capsules’ in the oils on your hair and scalp. The Powder will stay on your scalp and in your hair until you shampoo it using a wet Shampoo.

Another matter with Dry Shampoo is that since it does stay in your hair and on your scalp, it can cause build up which works against the healthy & natural growth of your hair. There are actual reports that raises questions about if Dry Shampoo potentially can cause direct damage to your own natural growing hair.

For all these reasons our recommendations would be instead of using Dry Shampoo, increase the number of times that you regularly shampoo your hair. Shampooing your hair and your scalp using a wet Shampoo is what removes debris, dead skin cells, body oil, and dirt, such as dust and pollutants from the surrounding environment. We are aware that shampooing & Conditioning, drying and styling can be a bit of a challenge since this takes time - a time saving suggestion is to only shampoo your own hair on the top from extensions and up. Using a removable shower head or wet and Shampoo under a faucet. Make a Ponytail or braid the extensions hair meanwhile.

Is it ok to clean my hair extensions using Well water or water from Softening Systems?

Well water and water from water softening systems might change the color of the hair, but will also cause your hair extensions to mat and tangle and are not recommended.

In order to protect your investment of the hair extensions, use bottled purified or distilled water when shampooing & conditioning your hair.

How do I Shampoo and Condition my hair extensions?

Brush your hair thoroughly before shampooing and conditioning using a bristle brush, a loop brush, or a soft rounded wide tooth comb.

First, wet the hair with water. Apply shampoo by emulsifying the shampoo in your hands, dab and gently distribute throughout the hair. Do not rub where the hair extensions are attached – be gentle.

When rinsing out the shampoo, let the water run through your hair from a top down position. Lift your hair up a little where the attachments are to help the shampoo rinse out. Take your time!

Once the Shampoo is rinsed out thoroughly, use conditioner from about 2”/5 cm down from the attachment going through to the ends of the extensions. Use a wide tooth comb with soft rounded teeth. Comb your hair to distribute the conditioner through your hair.

To rinse out the conditioner the water should run through the hair again without any rubbing.

Avoid applying conditioner to the areas where the hair extensions are attached, as this may loosen the attachment and could make them slide. Conditioner applied onto the tip or weft of the extensions might cause them to soften and could make the hair start shedding.

Are there any specific Towels that you recommend?

We highly recommend using Microfiber towels. Microfiber towels are friction free and will not be harsh on your hair as other towels. They will actually make your hair smoother. These towels are great to use for the rest of your body too. You can find the Micro Fiber Towels under ‘Tools & Supplies’.

When towel drying, gently squeeze out excess water and blot with the Microfiber towel. If needed you can wrap the towel around your head, but do not rub or turn your head upside down to roll your hair in the towel – these are big “no no”s.

How do I blow-dry & Style my Hair Extensions?

Excessive use of styling products and high heat should be avoided; these are elements that will shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions, and are not good for your own natural hair either. Heat can soften the attachment and make your extensions slide, and can also damage the weft, tips, or PU on your skin wefts. Always use heat tools on a medium-low to low setting.

When drying your hair with a blow dryer, setting should be on medium to low heat, avoid any damage by being careful and stay away from the attachments of your hair extensions. First, comb your hair thoroughly with a loop or bristle brush, always starting from below. Lift hair carefully and blow dry from a top-down direction.

How do I dry my Wavy or Curly Hair Extensions?

When blow drying wavy or curly hair, you can use a diffuser. While your hair is wet, finger through your hair or comb it thoroughly with a loop or bristle brush. Then squeeze your hair using a Microfiber towel to create the curls - using a Microfiber towel will also make your curls smooth. You can find the Micro Fiber Towels under ‘Tools & Supplies’.

Use the diffuser - the setting should be on medium to low heat - to pick up the hair starting from the ends, keeping the hair inside the diffuser. You can move the diffuser upwards picking up more of your hair as long as you hold it in a diagonal direction. If you need curls further up then angle the diffuser direction toward your head, still avoiding heat onto the attachments of your hair extensions.

Can I use a flat or curling Iron on my hair extensions?

Yes, you can, but invest in irons of better quality this will extend the lifespan of your hair.

We will repeat that excessive use of heat should be avoided; these are elements that will shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions and are also not good for your natural hair. Heat can also soften the attachment and make your extensions slide, and can damage the weft, tips, or PU on the skin weft. Always use heat tools, such as flat and curling irons on a medium-low to low setting and stay about 2”/5cm below from where your extensions are attached. Use a heat protector, but read the ingredients carefully.

What cleansing and styling products can I use?

We highly recommend using the products found on our site found under “Care Products”. We have experimented with all the tedious long term testing, and know that these products works great with all of the Bohyme® hair. These products will also be products to offer to your other clients. You can too suggest to your clients that their family members use these 100% hair healthy products.

In the case that you receive a bad batch of hair, using the products recommended will make it easier to determine and process a claim.

If you are not already offering this product line in your Salon, but would like to, please contact us for further information.
As most Salons we know that we offer several product lines, so please put attention to the below “What products should I avoid”.

What products should I avoid?

Avoid products containing

  • Moroccan Oil
  • Alcohol
  • Sulfates and Parabens

Avoid using products bought over the counter or available to you from places such as

  • drugstores
  • hotels


  • Dry Shampoo - any type or brand!

Basically, refrain from using products that are not recommended by your salon & stylists or here on our site under ‘Care Products’ where you will find only well tested products.

Product lines that we tested and don’t suggest using with the Bohyme® hair:

While these products might be doing fabulous with your own growing hair, we find that these are not working with the Bohyme® hair

  • Unite
  • Oribe
  • Kevin Murphy

We are testing several other products, that we find questionable works with the Bohyme® hair and will keep adding to the list when we have updates.

What we have tested in and out and found works great with the Bohyme® hair both short and long term is:

  • HairArt products - you can find these products on the site under “Care Products”

If you are using any great products or know of other products to avoid please let us know. The information found here is meant to help everyone out keeping the Bohyme® hair gorgeous for as long as possible.

Weather, Spa, Sauna, and Hair Extensions – what should I look out for?

Yes. Summer, beach, sand, and swimming pools may turn on our big happy smiles! Consequently, our hair extensions may not be happy if not properly protected!

Sun can dry out your hair and hair extensions, ocean water and chlorine from swimming pools can make your hair tangled and matted. They can also strip the hair color from your extensions or change them to colors you barely knew existed! Sand can find its way into the attachments of your hair extensions and start loosening them. Fortunately, there are preventative measures that you can do.


If you swim regularly, we highly recommend wearing a swim cap to protect your hair. Before swimming always wet the hair with clean water and add Conditioner to the extension hair 2”/5cm down from the attachment to the ends of hair, then braid it and put on the swim cap.

If you forgot to bring a swim cap, at a minimum wet your hair, apply the conditioner, and braid it or clip it up. Try to keep your hair above water.

Wetting your hair with clean water and applying conditioner will provide some protection by creating a barrier against the harsh chemicals or ocean water. Also, it will keep your hair from soaking up the sunscreen or other Lotion from your face and body.

Shampoo and condition your hair as soon as possibly after you finish swimming.

Sun & Beach

Use a hat, bandana, or be creative, covering up your hair when your out in the sun. This will prevent the sun from drying out your hair and fading the color, and also the sand from penetrating into the attachments of your extensions.

Spa & Sauna

When joining the spa or sauna, the hair will be better protected when brushed out completely, then braided and wrapped in a cold damp Microfiber towel.

Winter frost & Indoor Heat 

As you have undoubtedly experienced, winter frost and indoor heat dries out our skin. It also drys out your hair and can make it very staticy.

So what to do? During these seasons always exchange the regular conditioner with a deep conditioner.

If your hair still seems to need more moisture try the following treatments. Start an hour or two before Shampooing & Conditioning your hair:

A) Make a treatment out of your deep conditioner by applying it to dry hair 2”/5cm from the attachment and through to the ends of the hair – unless there is a lot of hair styling products on your hair, you do not have to shampoo prior to this treatment.

Wrap your hair in saran-wrap and then a Microfiber towel to avoid dripping. If possible, apply medium to low heat under a dryer for about 5 minutes or use a blow dryer to heat it up a bit - again on a medium to low heat setting. This can be repeated as needed. The heat will cause the treatment to penetrate the hair more efficiently. Proceed with shampoo and condition as usual.

B) Make your own hair treatment by evenly mixing your deep conditioner with Organic coconut oil (always read the ingredients first to make sure that it is pure coconut oil). Purchase the Organic coconut oil then you are on the safer side. Apply the coconut oil that you have mixed with the deep conditioner to dry hair 2”/5cm from the attachment and through to the ends of the hair – unless there is a lot of hair styling products on your hair, you do not have to shampoo prior to this treatment. Wrap your hair in saran-wrap and then a Microfiber towel to avoid dripping. If possible apply medium to low heat under a dryer for about 5 minutes, or use a blow dryer to heat it up a bit. This can be repeated. The heat will cause the treatment to penetrate the hair more efficiently. Proceed with shampoo and condition as usual.

This can be utilized anytime that you feel that your hair may need some extra love and moisture.

Follow the advise that we have suggested here you will without any doubt extend the longevity of your Hair Extensions. This will also keep your natural hair in a much more healthy condition.


We wish you only great hair days ahead!


From all of us @ World Hair System


Questions: Call or text us @ 312 213 4900

DIY - everything in Braids - Fishtail Braids and so much more...

Braids can change an entire hairstyle and are so much fun! Some are easy, some require practice. Be prepared for eye catching beautiful hair and DIY videos!

Brunette Woman with Long and shiny Curly Hair. Beautiful Model Lady with Curly Hairstyle. Care and Beauty Hair products. Care and Beauty of Hair

Here is an easy to follow video on how to create Fishtail Braids:


The following are a couple other web picks from our discerning stylists:

10 Beautiful DIY hairstyles to wear to a wedding!

Eye catching hairstyles and even more braids!

What length of hair should I choose?

It can be a challenge deciding what length of hair to order, whether it is for yourself or for your client.

This page is meant to give you a helping hand with the different options to consider when determining what length you will need to purchase to accomplish your dream look! it is however, not meant to be an exact guide.


Check the site for availability

Since not all textures, wefts, and colors come in every length, always check that what you want to purchase, is offered on the site. Remember to look for the specific weft, strands, tape ins, color, etc., for whatever hair you intend to purchase. This will also help you to narrow down what you will require.

I’m undecided between two lengths of hair that I want to purchase...

If you are undecided about length, we suggest that you go with the longer length. We don’t want to upsell you! However, there is nothing more frustrating than ending up with hair that is too short for what you want to accomplish. If you have to rebuy hair for this reason, it will end up being more costly.

Length Guide

When determining length of hair we often refer to a specific area on our body such as bra line, mid-back ,etc., as pictured here.

Does my height impact the length of hair that I should choose?

The reference points do help us, but they will only give us an approximate. We also have to take into consideration that the same length of hair in the same texture would show differently on someone of a different height. The reason being, your client’s height, length of torso and neck, etc., will vary from person to person. The length of the hair extensions will accordingly show the length differently. Consequently, it will play an important role in determining what hair length to chose.


Does it matter where my extensions will be placed when attached?

Another consideration in determining the length is to look at where the hair will be placed. Starting from the nape and up to where your first attachment/row will be placed, will determine your longest length. Going higher up to where your final attachment will be placed, indicates your shortest length.

Measure from the attachment point highest up going down to where you want the hair to end, and determine what needs to be trimmed or cut off. This measurement will indicate what length that you would need if you wanted an even hair length without any layers.

Does the haircut that I want impact what length that I should order?

Part of what you need to take into consideration is if you want layered or tapered hair, or if you want a more even finished hair length. If you want a finished length, you will then have to measure from the row that will be attached at the highest point of your head, going down to where you want the hair length to end. This will be the length of hair that you will need to order. For a layered look, you would have to measure the longest layer and up to the specific place of attachment. This length would be what you would need to order to accomplish a layered look. Always discuss your goals with your stylist, or have your stylist share suggestions with you. When possible, have your stylist demonstrate how a style or specific length will look. 

I want the layered tapered look and want to cut off as little as possible of hair when it gets cut in!

Are you going for the layered tapered look for you or your client? You could choose to measure the exact same way as above and you will be much more in control of where to cut in the layers. If you want to be frugal, you may be able to go one length shorter by measuring from the middle attachment/row and down to the longest length to achieve what you want to accomplish.

If you are purchasing the hair for yourself, make sure to coordinate with your hair professional before placing your order. Accordingly, you are assured that what you want to accomplish is possible with what you are purchasing.

Would I need to get the hair extensions cut?

Yes! We highly recommend it. A good haircut will make your extensions look much more healthy and blended with your own natural hair. If the extensions are attached correctly, getting a haircut avoids a possible “stringy” look, which announces “to the world“ that you are wearing hair extensions.

You also have to take into consideration the history of the hair. It is all human hair and originates from a hair donor, who took years to grow it to that specific length. The hair was then sent to the factory where it goes through different processes such as cleansing, color, and possibly adding texture. Although this is a very gentle food grade based processing, it is still a process. The fact is that you are taking a chance by not getting your extensions cut. Split ends are not initially seen by the naked eye. However, once they are visual, it means the split ends have already started traveling up the hair shaft - think of a rope unraveling. Not getting your extensions cut is compromising to their longevity… Also, take cutting them into consideration when choosing the haircut and the length of hair that you intend to purchase.

Remember there may be more cuts and trims after the hair is attached

Bohyme® Hair is of very high quality and with the right care and correct use of products, the hair should last you for some time. For this reason your extensions may go through a haircut at the first installation, and then over time, there may be several more trims. Please consider the fact that even a small trim will shorten the length of your hair.

Does it matter if I curl or straighten my hair?

Another matter to consider is do you intend to keep your hair straight or do you intend to curl it. Curls will make the hair appear shorter. How much shorter, will depend on the size of your curling iron. Please take this into consideration when deciding the length of the extensions.

As in this picture, the more curl or tighter the curl, the shorter the hair will appear. The straighter the hair, the longer it will appear.

If you are considering straight hair, the above information should be a good guide to help you decide on what length to choose.

Examples of hair lengths from more straight to curly...

The following three pictures are showing the same woman with the same length of hair. However, she is wearing her hair differently in each picture; from natural to very curly.

In the first picture she is wearing her hair natural, which is straight with a little wave at the ends (no curl). Her hair reaches to nearly below her hip. Using our guide, higher up it would be considered “hip length”. If a client or yourself wants this length, we would choose the longest hair extensions available which would be 26”/66.04cm. The 24”/60.96cm may work since she has some layers that are shorter than the final length.

Remember: the longest length would be measured from the lowest attachment and down.

If our goal is a more even length, we would have to choose the 26”/66.04cm for her. The reason being, we would have to follow the length attached highest up on her head to where it ends. Accordingly, cut the length of the extensions that are attached below, to meet the shortest length. The result is an even length.

In this picture, she has a soft but more curled hair texture, still using the same length as mentioned above. You can see that even soft curls such as these, shorten the length of her hair. According to our guide the hair length is now a little below “tailbone length”.

Whether straight or curly, all hair companies measure the length of the hair as if it were straight. For example, Bohymes 18” Deep Wave will be more thrue to the length and appear shorter than 18” Silky Straight that really is a couple of inches longer than the 18”. So the curlier the hair, the shorter the length will appear; or the straighter the hair, the longer the hair will appear.

The third picture shows her again, but this time wearing a much tighter curl. With this tight of a curl, (as a Deep Wave) the same length used in previous pictures, would now appear much shorter. Using our Guide, it would be closer to “Waist Length”.

These different pictures of the same woman will hopefully give you a better feel about what to look for with the different lengths combined with different textures.

Remember to incorporate all of the above suggestions and considerations when making your decisions.

As mentioned previously, this is not meant as a final guide. It is intended to be helpful for you to better decide what length to choose for yourself or for your clients!


What texture Hair Extensions should I choose?

We all desire hair extensions that are natural looking and beautiful for us and the world to see! To achieve the best natural looking attachment, it is of utmost importance to choose a texture that consistently matches and blends with your own natural hair.

When we speak with customers or our own clients, about what texture of hair to choose, we often hear: “I always straighten my own hair, so what about ordering my hair in Silky Straight texture?” Think about that... we all live in different climates. Some are dry, some are humid, but we all can agree that being out on a rainy day, or being at the ocean or swimming pool, our hair may become affected, which will cause our own growing hair to revert back to it’s natural texture. How will your hair extensions react? They will go back to the texture that was chosen as well. If your natural hair is curly by nature and you choose Silky Straight for the hair extensions, you’rs and the extension’s hair will appear as two different textures.

If any of your hair is ‘out’ or blended with the hair extensions, our rule is to chose the texture of hair extensions as close to your own hair or your client’s natural texture as possible. Basically, choose the texture of hair extensions to be the same or as close to your’s/your client’s hair, when it air dries naturally.

How curly, straight, or textured are the different hair types?

To help you make the best decision on texture on a scale from 1 to 10 (where 1 is straight and 10 is the most curly), we numbered most of the textures.

Below is also a scale that will show you the more textured/relaxed hair and the level of volume and curl.

If you are still unsure you could take advantage of our offer to purchase our “Texture sampler”. Or simply call, email, or text us. We are here to help.

Note: Remember that the more curls there are, the more labor to untangle – we recommend to always braid the hair when going to sleep no matter what texture, with curly hair the added advantage is that it will be much easier to keep untangled.

Textures from Silky Straight to Curly hair: On the Scale

0 - 1 Silky Straight (BLHST)

Has no curl. When shampooed it has a little bit of body, but a smidge less than Body Wave. Silky Straight is very easy to curl and holds curls very well. Additionally, it will remain straight when using a flat iron.

1 - 1 Body Wave (BLHBW)

gives you a hint of body, but it is very close in texture to Silky Straight. For most people, Body Wave or Silky Straight can be used interchangeably. Body Wave and Silky Straight hold a very firm curl or can be straightened as you desire.

2 - 2 Soft Wave (BOSOF)

has more body with a hint of a very soft curl. It can be curled or straightened as you desire.

2 - 3 European Body/Virgin hair (VIRGN)

Has a very soft S-Curl, and has a finer texture/diameter of the individual hairs - it is closer to European/Scandinavian hair. It can be curled or straightened as you choose.

3 - 4 Egyptian Wave (BO-EG)

offers a very smooth less tight S-wave. The individual hairs are a tad thicker in diameter than Body Wave or Silky Straight. However, it works for most hair. It can be curled or straightened as you choose.

4 - 5 Ocean Breeze (BO-OB)

has a soft S-curl which is a bit tighter than Egyptian Wave. It is very soft and natural looking, and it can be curled or straightened as desired.

6 - 7 French Body (BOFBD)

Has a tighter but still soft S-curl. It is less wavy than French Refined. Very natural and easy to work with.

7 - 8 French Refined (BOH-FR)

is a more tight S-curl and can seem ‘‘unruly” in a positive way. French Refined has a very natural and beautiful curl.

The French Refined will straighten to some degree, but not fully when using a flat iron. You will be able to change the curl pattern by using a curling Iron.

8 - 9 Deep Wave (BOH-DW)

The curl is more defined & tight, but will loosen somewhat when shampooed. When the hair is shampooed or wet, using a brush, scrunching, air-drying, or using a blow dryer and brush, will result in a very pretty natural look.

If you want to achieve a bit softer curl, brush while blow drying the hair.

Out of the package, the curls have a tendency to spiral around themselves. We recommend shampooing the hair a couple of times before attaching. In this way, you sooner will accomplish how the hair will ultimately look.

The Deep Wave will not straighten fully by using a flat iron. You will be able to change the curl somewhat by using a curling Iron.

Textured & Curly Hair - On the Scale

0 - 0 Textured Smooth (BO-TE)

offers a more straight, smooth, and soft texture with a fine relaxed look and feel. It is similar to a Silky Straight, but with the look and feel of common relaxed straight hair which can be curled.

0 - 1 Saharian Smooth (BOSAS)

has no curl but has a softer relaxed look and feel to it, and will give you a good amount of soft body. It can easily be curled or straightened, and will still keep the relaxed feel.

0 - 1 Platinum Yaki (BOPYK)

offers you a bit more of a coarse relaxed look and feel, but is still in the category of straight hair. As always, Bohyme®’s hair is always healthy looking hair. This Yaki texture has exactly what you are looking for. It can be worn straight as it comes naturally, but it can also be curled.

1 - 2 Velvet Yaki (BO-YK)

Though this hair has no curl we give it a 1 - 2 due to the volume that it creates. It offers a soft relaxed look and feel, along with giving you a fair amount of soft body. It can easily be curled or straightened, keeping the relaxed feel.

9 - 10 Natural Wave (BO-NB)

This texture has a relaxed, but yet very soft and healthy feel to it. It has a tighter curl and is very close in appearance to Virgin Natural African American hair. It can be worn straight when brushed while blow drying. Once you have shampooed or wet Natural Wave, it will look and react like Virgin Natural African American hair. Natural Wave, which is offered only in bulk (no weft/loose hair) is comparable to Brazilian Wave. Any suggestions under Brazilian Wave will apply to Natural Wave as well.

9 - 10 Brazilian Wave (BO-BZ)

resembles Natural Virgin African American curly hair and is as natural to the look and feel as you can imagine. The hair is very versatile; you can flat iron it into a more relaxed Yaki look, repeatedly brush it when it is air drying, or use a blow dryer and you will accomplish the look of soft relaxed hair with a bit of wave. Also, you can easily use styling products. When shampooed and wet, it will naturally return to the textured strong spiral curls.

Brazilian Wave and Natural Wave are very similar. Any suggestions under Natural Wave will apply to Brazilian Wave too.

Note: Remember that the more curls the more labor intensive to untangle - we suggest braiding it when sleeping. To make the curls look less ‘frizzy’ and more defined, use products and/or just twirl sections of hair around your fingers while letting the hair air dry.

We are always here to assist you with any questions that you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call or text us: 312 213 4900.

Your Team @ World Hair System