Tutorials & Tips


About Wefts & Bulk & Tipped Hair

Most hair wefts and tipped hair will arrive in a long or short package depending on the texture of the hair that you are purchasing. The packaging is usually made of sturdy, but flexible see-through plastic, that can be opened at both ends. The hair is tied onto a sturdy backing inside the plastic.


Care Tips for Your Hair Extensions

Now that you’ve purchased your extensions, care must be taken to achieve optimum use. Having bought high quality hair extensions, you want to make certain that they will look and stay as healthy looking as possible, for as long as possible.


DIY – Everything in Braids – Fishtail Braids and So Much More…

Braids can change an entire hairstyle and are so much fun! Some are easy, some require practice. Be prepared for eye catching beautiful hair and DIY videos!


Understanding the Bohyme® Collections

What are these collections about? What is available? Can everyone purchase the different types of hair? In a quest for more structure, Fashion World decided to make the Bohyme® line of hair easier to overview.


What Length of Hair Should I Choose?

It can be a challenge deciding what length of hair to order, whether it is for yourself or for your client. This page is meant to give you a helping hand with the different options to consider when determining what length you will need to purchase, to accomplish your dream look!


What Texture Hair Extensions Should I Choose?

We all desire hair extensions that are natural looking and beautiful for us and the world to see! To achieve the best natural looking attachment, it is of utmost importance to choose a texture that consistently matches and blends with your own natural hair.