Color Chart & Color Info

Translation of Bohyme® Color Letters

What does all the letters mean in front, in between, or after the color numbers? Following should help you out better understanding the color and the various options.


A = ASH – usually shown after a number.

B = ASH – usually shown after a number.
Exception is the color 1B where B stands for Off Black.

BL= BLONDE – colors with more cool and ash tones as BL22 or colors that are more pure Blonde such as BL613 and BL60.

D = DOUBLE TONE – Is for most part used when describing colors on Machine weft hair – the colors are placed back to back – see also SPECIFICS under ‘Regular Machine weft’.
Exception color 18D which is an Ash color.

E = ASH.

F = FANCY – very bright or faded colors.

H = HIGHLIGHTED – are for most part used to describe colors on Hand Tied weft hair, but can also be seen with other types of wefts – the colors are aligned next to each other.

M = MIXED – usually an equal blend of two colors.

P = PIANO – SIDE BY SIDE – colors are aligned next to each other as keys on a Piano.

R = ROOTED – usually the rooted color is applied on the hair from weft down about 1”/2.5cm to 1.5”/3.8cm.

T = TWO TONE – one color will be on the top of the hair going midway down the hair and merge seamless to the second and with some the third color – used to describe Ombré colors.


Basic Colors

Mixed/Blended Colors

Highlight/Lowlight Colors

Back-to-Back Colors

Rooted Colors

Ombre Colors

Fancy Colors