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Coleen Cunial

Featured Stylist

I got started with extensions about 12 Years ago. Once I put my hands on them I fell in love with the idea of making mine and my clients hair longer and fuller!

I offer almost every type of hair extension method, from natural beaded rows (my fav), tape, fusion, beaded, and braid.

My absolute favorite are, the natural beaded rows because they cause less damage to the hair, they have less points of contact and you can put your hair in a pony without seeing them. Simply stated. They are amazing. I use the hand tied hair from World Hair Systems it’s the perfect combination.

If the extensions don’t match 100% perfectly I use toner to color the extensions and the hair to make them look seamless. My favorite color to use on icy blondes is Goldwell Colorance 10P. The extensions that best match this are the BL60. When toning I make sure to get the toner on the clients hair first, let sit, then the last 6 min apply to the extensions. I always color the root of the extensions to the level of my client’s natural color. This hides them even better! The lightweight weft is literally the size of the stitching on my pants.

Just a little trick if your doing an ombré balayage and you order the ombré extensions I like to take a couple wefts of blonde hair to put in with them. This creates a beautiful blend.

The best way to get clients in my chair for hair extensions is promoting on Facebook and Instagram. Also if I’m out and about and someone comments on my hair I tell them I have extensions and give them my card.

Regarding homecare it is extremely important to braid the hair every night before bed. Always use sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner I recommend Kevin Murphy Repair Me, leave in conditioner Untangled by Kevin Murphy and daily oil my favorite is BioSilk Organic Coconut Oil. Also make sure to comb your hair from the ends to the root.

If you are just getting started my advice to you is stay dedicated, it might take a couple of times to get your method down but you will get it! Believe in what you do and the rest falls into place!

The confidence that extensions can give you is unexplainable. My clients fall in love every time!

Colleen Cunial | Extension Specialist
Instagram @creativehairdreams

Max & Ro Hair Co.
1117 Edgewater St. NM
Salem, OR 973014

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