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Bohyme® Luxe Collection Body Wave

Step 3/3 Choose Your Weft


These wefts are literally made by hand using only two strong threads. The price is higher due to the fact that they are made all by hand. Hand Tied wefts are the least visual and most “touch safe” of all the wefts available. The packages of Hand Tied Wefts weigh about 4 oz/110-114 Grams.


Machine wefts are made by merging two wefts together. Each weft is first made by machine then machine sewn together to become one weft. This is also how “back to back” colors are created. Although the machine made weft is not the thinnest of wefts, Bohyme’s Machine Wefts are still much finer and constructed much stronger than most other brands. All the packages of machine weft hair weigh 4oz/110-114 Grams.


Seamless Wefts™ are made by sewing hair onto a material with doubly strong sewing threads. Seamless wefts™ are taller in the weft, but nearly as thin as the Hand Tied Wefts, and much thinner than the Machine wefts. Therefore, they come in a very close second in the “safe to touch” category!
All the packages of seamless weft™ hair weigh 4oz/110-114 Grams.