Bohyme® Birth Remi® Collection

For more than 20 years, Bohyme® has set the standard for premium, ethically sourced, Remi® hair. The Birth Remi® collection is bundled solely from individual donors that go through meticulous inspections to ensure only the healthiest state of hair. This arduous process is what produces the highest quality hair and what defines Bohyme® brand worldwide.

The Birth Remi® Collection is available only in nature’s own all natural hair colors. The hair does not go through any harsh chemical based process and nothing has jeopardized the integrity of the hair, all that the hair has been going through is a gentle cleansing process as if you shampooed your hair.
The construction of the weft is made so that you will experience little to no shedding. The weft is almost half the size in thickness when comparing to the machine weft.
Since you are working with some of nature’s healthiest – closest to Virgin hair possible, you are free to style, color, change texture, and to let your imagination run free.

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