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Bohyme® HAIR

Bohyme® - improving the environmental footprint

Whether you are thinking of innovative wefts, creative fashion colors, paying attention to details, or ethically sourced hair (and the list continues), Fashion World has always been at the forefront. They have never compromised consistency in their high quality Bohyme® hair that is truly unparalleled!



Bohyme® Ethos® Collection

Bohyme® Private Reserve - Silky Straight - Hand Tied Weft

Bohyme® Private Reserve


Bohyme® Luxe Collection


Bohyme® Classic Collection


Bohyme® Birth Remi Collection


Bohyme® Essential Collection

Bohyme® Took A Chance!

About 30 years ago, every hair company offered low to medium quality hair, and believed that these products covered the hair extension and hair replacement market. Why offer higher quality hair? Who would buy it? No hair company wanted to produce products that would cater to a market that they considered small! Why invest more on high quality hair, and then earn less and go through the trouble for a possible small market? Their reasoning was also that the better quality hair would result in the hair lasting longer and then less would be sold to the consumer!

A Brand Was Born!

Perhaps the logical question to ask would have been, “Can we create a market for more expensive, higher quality hair?”

This was also an untapped territory for Fashion World. However, where other companies saw only a high-risk investment with little return, Fashion World envisioned this as an opportunity and had confidence that we, the consumers, would also recognize it. Yes, this was risky, but they endured, and the Bohyme® brand was born. This was in the early days of the Internet and time was required to make the consumers aware of the brand. Once it was recognized, success followed – and the rest is history.

Today any DIY’s, BIY’s or those of you who do hair extensions as professionals, surely acknowledge Bohyme® hair to be your chosen brand for all of your hair needs.

Remi® Hair - Bohyme® The One and Only!

Going down history lane, Fashion World/Bohyme® was also the developer of Remi® hair. The often copied word “Remi®”, refers to the cuticle layer on the individual hairs all aligned in the same direction as on actual growing hair. Bohyme® chose to register the name Remi®, however, there are other companies who refer to their brand of hair as Remi® or Remy. These are all copies of Bohyme®’s registered name Remi®. Bohyme® remi® hair is part of the Bohyme® Brand, and will always be, the one and only original!

Bohyme® - Improving the Environmental Footprint

Most of us care deeply about the environment. There is concern that what we buy is actually produced in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. This must also be considered when purchasing hair products.

When purchasing from Bohyme®, you are not only buying hair, but also buying into a transparent, ethically and environmentally responsible company, who also wants to be engaged with you for instance through Bohyme® Professional Network (BPN). They adhere to high standards regarding the health and safety of their factory workers. They are scientific and systematic in the process of producing Bohyme® hair. They invest large amounts of money to treat and eliminate waste water. Only mild non-toxic products is used to ensure the quality of the hair. The production time can be from 3 weeks up till a total of almost 4 weeks before the hair creation is complete. This is all part of the reason that Fashion World can consistently deliver a high quality Bohyme® hair product.

Being that the area of hair extensions and hair enhancement is not very regulated, Fashion World as a company, does not have to consider any of these aspects. They simply have chosen to do so.

Bohyme® is leading the way as far as other hair companies are concerned. For instance, many have tried to copy the different textures and wefts developed by Fashion World, but have not succeeded.

Fashion World is the creator of this incredibly visionary, authentic brand Bohyme® which allows us to be innovative and creative using this superior product.

Bohyme® is the hair for the DIY’s, the BIY’s, the salons and the stylists. It is for YOU, our customers throughout the World!