Satin Pillow Cases


Colors – Black or White

Price per pillow case: $25

These pillow cases are constructed of a resilient quality satin that will last for many years.

Using satin pillow cases will keep you hair or extended hair, healthy by not extracting moisture or other healthy properties from them. The satin pillow cases do not absorb moisture as cotton or other popular fabrics will do.

Satin in itself, does not give your hair any additional healing properties. However, it provides the perfect protection that allows your hair and skin to remain at their best, by producing a protective moisture barrier to keep it subtle and healthy.

  • Does not take away moisture from your hair or skin  
  • Limits breakage
  • Combats frizz and tangles
  • Keeps hair hydrated
  • Reduces split ends which will limit the need of frequent trims
  • Prolong a healthy look and is a lasting investment
  • Reduces and helps restore damaged hair
  • Keeps hair healthier overall, which also results in less need of hair products
  • Preserves and extends the duration of your hairstyle
  • Eliminates “bed head”
  • Diminishes sleep lines and wrinkles

Using satin pillow cases will help you to maintain fresh and healthy looking hair and skin by not removing vital oils or other treatments, that you may be using on your hair and skin.

These pillow cases are made of a thicker yet very soft Satin – and therefore made to last for years to come.

Simply a good investment!

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