Pulling Needles


Ergonomically made – 7”/17.8cm long

Starting at: $9.75

Developed & made exclusively for our customers

The soft handle is both smooth and user friendly making it possible to work for hours without hurting your hands or fingers. We had our pulling needles created with a longer stem – about 2”/4.5cm – which enables you to add more links and there fore work more efficiently. The handle is about 5”/12cm long.

Use for attachments with Bulk, I-Shaped Hair or Wefted Hair using our Micro-Links, Shrinkies or Trumpet-Links.

It comes in three different sizes; Small, Medium and Large corresponding to the 3 different sizes of Micro-links. You can use all three sizes for Shrinkies. For our Trumpet-Links use small or medium size Pulling Needle.

When attaching using Methods: “Individuals” or “Linking on Hair”, fill the Pulling Needle with as many links as possible. That is a time saver!

Price Single pulling needle : $9.75

Purchase Quantity and save:

Save and buy all three; Small, Medium, Large

Price: $26.00

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Small, Medium, Large, Set of 3 (one of each size)