Pot – For Hot Fusion


Included one free pack of Fusion Sticks and 2 One Hole Hair Shields

This hot pot is well-constructed, functional, and it has a good solid base. Additionally, what makes it qualify as being one of our favorite products, is that it has a ceramic surface for ease of use and cleaning. With our Hot Pot you can melt our Regular Sized Fusion Sticks, XL Fusion Sticks, Fusion Pearls, or Re-Bonds in order to make attachments with either Bulk Hair or hair cut from a weft.

This Hot Pot is not adjustable.

Suggestions: If you are using Fusion Sticks, cut them into smaller pieces. For best results melt only 1 ounce/30 grams at a time until completely liquified.

You can also make your own Pre-Tipped Hair Extensions! Simply dip the strands of hair in the Hot Pot and roll between your fingers for making I Tips or roll and squeeze flat. Cut the top of the tip if needed to make it even. Also, while the tips are still warm, you can shape the tip into either a U Shape, V Shape, or just leave them flat.

Price: $29

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