Pot – Hot Fusion


Thermal Adjustable

Use for making bonded hair extensions. This sturdy Fusion Pot has a very solid base. The inside is made of aluminum.

This Pot is electronically temperature controlled; it heats from 32F – 302F/0C – 150C. Different fusions have different melting points. You don’t want to damage your client’s hair with overheated Fusion, additionally you don’t want to make attachments that aren’t long-lasting with under heated Fusion.

You can use this Pot for many types of Fusion such as Sticks, Pearls, Re-Bonds, or the kind of Fusion that you prefer within a normal melting point.

Suggestions: You can cut Fusion Sticks in smaller pieces before adding to the Pot.

For best results melt only small amounts of Fusion at a time. For example: 1oz/30grams. Use only when Fusion is completely liquefied.

Please remember that No Fusion should boil at any melting point, think about your clients hair less heat is better! That’s why we love adjustable Thermal Tools!

Price: $25.95

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