Links & Beads – Silicone


Also called: Beads, Extend Shells, Coils, Shells, Nuggets, Holders, Cylinders, Rings

Per Container: about 250 silicone lined Links.

These Links have an inner lining made of silicone that create a very long lasting application. They are gentle to the client’s hair and will not cause any kind of tension or breakage! Silicone Lined Micro Links will work for any hair texture – and they work very well for clients who have dry, fine, or brittle hair. If you welcome any necessary precautions for keeping your client’s or your own hair safe from breakage and healthy, you have good reason for using Silicone Lined Micro Links!

The Silicone Lined Links work well with methods such as: I-Tips, Bulk Hair, Linking on Hair, Linking on Weft, Butterfly Linking, Linking Double Hair or any combination of Linking Methods, Top pieces, Integrations etc.

For attachments and removal you will require: Pulling Needle and Pliers (opener and closer), and thread for any wefted attachments such as ‘Natural Beaded Rows’.

Choose a color that will match the client’s color at the hair root.

Suggestions: If you experience any sliding it is usually due from not adding enough of the client’s own hair. If you use bulk hair and are experiencing sliding, consider including more of the Bulk Hair.

Each container comes with approximately 250 Silicone Lined Micro Links.

Price per Container: $18.95

Mix and match Set of 5 – Price: $85.00

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Large (5mm), Medium (4.5mm), Small (4.0mm)


Auburn Brown, Black, Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown