Hair Holder & Drawing Cards


Sold per set as in photo

While attaching hair extensions and working with machine weft, hand tied, bulk, or tipped hair, have you ever experienced suddenly finding the hair all tangled up on the floor? These Hair Holders will make your easier and make you appear far more professional!

Measurement of each hair Holder: 14”/35.5cm Long x 3.5”/9cm

How to use:

  • Place one holder on a table top with the angled pins pointing toward you
  • Remove any bindings on the bundle of hair
  • Brush the hair thoroughly
  • Lay the bulk or wefted hair so the top of the hair sticks outside of the Holder (about 2-3”/5-7cm)
  • If you are using Pre-Tipped hair, lay the hair individually side by side by letting the tips stick out 2”/5cm above the needles
  • The pins are long and sturdy enough to use both holders individually

Price per set: $26

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