Fusion Re-Bonds


These all keratin made Re-Bonds, are great for making attachments directly to your clients natural hair, using Bulk hair or hair cut off a weft. Also, you can make or repair your own Tipped Hair or for I Tips, that may have gone too soft or lost part of the tip from wear. Depending on the thickness of the attachment or tip that you are making, one tip is enough for making a minimum of two attachments or two tips.

We offer these Re-Bonds in three different colors so that you can match the color to your clients hair.

Amount: Each pack of Re-Bonds comes with 25 individual Re-Bonds

Suggestions: Use these with one of our Fusion Pots or drop one Re-Bond onto your preheated Bonding Applicator. It will stick to the applicator and immediately start melting. You are now ready to make I-Shaped V-shaped hair, or install bulk hair or hair that is cut off from a weft. Re-Bonds works great if you need to repair I Tips that are soft or are missing parts of the tip, or if needed cut off the tip and create a new tip using these Re-Bonds.

Price per bag: $8.75

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Black, Brown, Clear