Fusion Pearls


Color: Black or Brown

Also called: Pellets, Grains, Tips, Bonds

Fusion Pearls are easy to work with and very durable. Make direct attachments with bulk hair or hair cut from a weft. You can also make your own Pre Tips or Re Tip strand by strand hair, using these Fusion Pearls. Fusion Pearls can be used for a truly smooth and fine attachment along with a preheated Bonding Applicator.

Each bag holds – 1oz/28grams

You can measure the exact amount you need to use, with none leftover!

Attaching bulk hair or hair cut from a weft:
Add one Fusion Pearl on a preheated Bonding Applicator. Let the Fusion Pearl melt and you are ready to apply. Add the preheated Pearls to the top surface of the hair. If you are using a larger amount of hair, put 2 or 3 fusion Pearls on the applicator.

Pre Tipping
For an even more secure way that you can Pre Tip the hair; begin the same way as above by adding one Fusion Pearl or as many as needed to cover the strand of hair. Add the preheated Pearls to the top surface of the hair. Flatten the tip by squeezing it, or if you wish, shape it into a V or U shape. You can make your own I Tipped hair in the same way; instead of squeezing the tip you simply roll it. When cooled down, cut off the top of the tip in order to get an even top with the tip length you desire.

Re-Tipping Hair
When you remove Pre Tipped U, V, or I Tipped Hair and find the hair is in good condition, you can reuse the hair by re-tipping it. Cut or clean up the Tip and use the method explained under “Pre Tipping”. You will save yourself and your client more expense by not having to purchase new hair.

Choose Color: Black – (#FU-Pe-Bl) or Brown – (#FU-Pe-BR)

Price per bag: $15.00

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