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100% pure Bristle

Made with quality in mind!

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These brushes work wonderfully for all types of hair, since they are gentle yet sturdy. They also smooth the cuticle layer of your hair. The medium to hard bristles are perfect for hair extensions. The boar bristles easily penetrate through the hair and can be used to massage and stimulate the scalp as well.

The Bristle Brushes are made of 100% pure boar bristles, and attractive wood handles. The excellent quality of the bristles and wood, make these brushes long lasting.

Suggestions: Problems with hair being staticy? Spray a little hair spray onto the Bristle Brush before brushing!

Once your wefted hair extensions have grown out a little, you need to untangle in between your scalp and your wefted hair extensions. These Brushes do an amazing job! Pin up your hair leaving out the lowest row. While holding onto the weft, brush from scalp down to the weft. Do one row at a time. You will make your attachment last longer and keep your own hair, and the hair extensions in a much healthier condition.

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