Tape – Air Flex – Mini C Contours


1.5″/3.8cm X 3/4″/1.9cm – For extended wear
Made in the USA

This tape is excellent for attaching lace wigs and hair pieces.

Air Flex Mini has an extremely strong hold that lasts 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Each tape measures 1.5″/3.8cm from side to side and 3/4″/1.9cm from top to bottom
  • Tape is clear once blue and white cover is removed
  • Tape has intended holes
  • Holding time is 3 – 4 weeks
  • C Shaped
  • Use for extended wear

Buy Air Flex Mini C Contours in sets of 36 or for a better deal, buy 72 or 108 tapes at a time.

Suggestions: Clean area of attachment with 70% or higher alcohol, let it dry and then attach.

When tape starts to loosen and still attached to the unit, you may be able to extend the wearing by dabbing the tape with alcohol. In this way you remove oil build up. Let it air dry, and if still sticky: reattach.

Note: Click here to download MSDS Sheet

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36 Tapes, 72 Tapes, 108 Tapes